Here are building instructions for four festive LEGO Christmas ornaments!

I’ve been having so much fun creating new LEGO ornament designs this year.

Build a classic red truck, a snowman, a gingerbread house, and a stained glass Christmas tree ornament. These ornaments are intended to be built with the bricks kids already have. If they don’t have the exact bricks shown, see if they can make a modification with what they have!

Build LEGO Christmas Ornaments - tree, gingerbread house, snowman, classic truck

If you do want to order individual LEGO bricks to supplement what you have, it’s easy to do. We prefer ordering from Brick Link because orders tend to arrive so much faster than when we order from the LEGO site. Here’s an article I wrote on how to order individual LEGO bricks from Brick Link. There are SO MANY different LEGO elements. It will take a few minutes to figure out how the site works, but once you get it, it’s super easy.

How to Build a LEGO Snowman Ornament

This snowman is super adorable! The trick is finding all the white round plates. This ornament is cute enough that you might want to order those pieces if you don’t have them!

build LEGO Christmas ornaments - snowman

Start with a 4 x 4 white round plate and a 6 x 6 white round plate. Connect them with a 2 x 4 white plate.

Then add another 2 x 4 white plate and two 1 x 2 white plates. Start the hat by placing a 2 x 3 plate with a hole on the top of the head. Then add arms. Each arm is a 1 x 4 brown plate and a 2 x 2 brown corner plate.

Place another 6 x 6 white round plate on the body.

Then add buttons to the front of the snowman. I used one 1 x 1 white round plate and one 1 x 1 blue round tile for each button. You can attach the white round plates in between studs, which allows you to center the buttons on the snowman’s body.

Build the head. Grab a 4 x 4 white round plate and then add two 1 x 1 white round plates to hold the eyes. Again, this will allow the eyes to be positioned in between studs.

Find a 1 x 1 orange cone for the nose. Then find a 1 x 4 black tile for the brim of the hat.

Attach the nose and hat brim to the head.

Place the head on the snowman, and your ornament is complete!

How to Build a Stained Glass Christmas Tree Ornament

We love using transparent LEGO bricks to create a stained glass look! This ornament is in a Christmas tree shape, but kids can build whatever shape they like.

Start with a 2 x 8 green plate.

Add a 2 x 2 green slope on each end and two 1 x 2 transparent bricks in the middle.

Then add a second row.

Add slope bricks and transparent bricks as shown. Then find a 2 x 2 brown round plate and a 2 x 2 brown round brick for the trunk.

Add a 2 x 2 black tile with a ring so that you can hang the ornament with some ribbon or string.

The lights on the tree will make the transparent bricks shine. So beautiful!

Build LEGO Christmas ornaments

How to Build a Classic Red Truck Ornament

Step 1: Find a 2 x 10 plate, a 2 x 4 plate, a 1 x 2 plate, and a 2 x 6 plate.

Step 2: Place the three smaller plates on top of the 2 x 10 plate.

Step 3: Then find a 1 x 2 plate with a handle, a 2 x 8 plate, a 1 x 2 plate, and 1 x 2 – 1 x 4 bracket.

Step 4: Add these to the truck as shown.

Step 5: Build the cab of the truck. Grab a 4 x 4 plate, a 1 x 4 plate, and a 1 x 2 – 1 x 4 bracket.

Step 6: Place the 1 x 4 plate on top of the 4 x 4 plate. Then add the bracket on top of that.

Step 7: Grab another 1 x 4 plate and 4 x 4 plate.

Step 8: Use the 4 x 4 plate to connect the 1 x 4 plate to the truck.

Step 9: Add a 2 x 3 plate and two 1 x 4 plates, one on each side.

Step 10: Find the bricks shown – a 1 x 4 brick with four studs on the side, two 1 x 2 plates, and a 1 x 4 plate. Two 1 x 4 plates would be even better.

Step 11: Stack the plates and the brick and add them to the truck as shown.

Step 12: Add windows to the cab! I used four 1 x 2 clear plates and four 1 x 2 clear bricks.

Step 13: Attach the cab to the truck base. Then place a 1 x 4 tile and a 2 x 4 plate on top of the cab.

Step 14: Build the bed of the truck. I used a 4 x 6 plate and then added panels all the way around the edges.

Step 15: Attach the bed to the body of the truck.

Step 16: Finish up the front of the truck by adding two 1 x 2 light gray grills and some 1 x 1 translucent round plates to make lights.

Step 17: Turn the truck upside down. Add six 1 x 2 inverted slopes, three on each side as shown. Then add wheels.

Your truck can carry a Christmas tree!

Attach the tree to the studs on the 1 x 4 brick with four studs on the side.

Add a 2 x 2 black round tile with a ring and your ornament is ready to hang! Just add some string or ribbon.

How to Build a LEGO Gingerbread House Ornament

This simple ornament is super adorable!

The entire gingerbread house is built entirely from plates. Use whatever 1 x 1 round plates and tiles you have to decorate the house!

If you don’t have the exact pieces shown, improvise with what you have.

This is what the back side looks like.

Want to build more LEGO Christmas ornaments?

Here are Five LEGO Ornaments to Build – a toy soldier, gingerbread man, penguin, candy cane, and Christmas tree.


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