Build your own LEGO gym equipment!

It’s fun to set up a workout area for your minifigures. We created a fitness gym with a treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, and weights. We even built TV screens for the minifigures to watch while working out!

January is a great time for this LEGO challenge. You know, “new year new you” and all that, haha! But really, this is an awesome building idea anytime. Kids can easily customize this fitness gym project with the bricks they have.

There’s something for everyone at this gym.


The treadmill is built on a 4 x 6 plate with four 1 x 1 round plates underneath as feet. It’s really a simple design.

You can find full step-by-step instructions for the treadmill in our newest LEGO book, The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations. (But also I think you can figure it out from the picture!)


My 14 year old built this fun stationary bike! After exploring with different options, he found that it really made the most sense to start with a LEGO bike and build a base.

(This project is not in The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations.)

The rods on the back aren’t actually attached to the rear wheel, but they just give that impression.

Owen started with a 2 x 6 brick. Then he added 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 inverted brackets on the back end. You can see the pieces he used for building the rods that appear to hold the bike wheel.


My 14 year old also designed this fun rowing machine. He used a small rubber band for the rowing mechanism. I’m not totally sure if this is a loom band or a rubber band for hair, but either one would work.

The base for the rowing machine is made out of three of those black bases that come with the series minifigures. Finally a use for those, haha! We have TONS of them.

Here’s how the rowing machine looks all assembled but without a minifigure. We stretched the rubber band around the arm on the 1 x 2 black plate. Then we slid on a 1 x 1 black round plate with an open stud to hold the rubber band in place.

Owen even built some TV screens for the minifigures to watch while exercising! Again, a great use for those black minifigure bases.

Here’s another view of the TV’s.


Build some free weights for your fitness gym!

Make a weight bench and then also a rack to hold smaller weights.

This project is available with full step-by-step instructions in The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations.

The smaller weights are made with black bars (3 studs long) and 1 x 1 round plates with an open stud. Use whatever colors you have!

The weight that the minifigure is holding is a black bar that is 4 studs long. Then I added two 2 x 2 light gray dishes on each side.

Add some plates to make exercise mats if you want!

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