Marble runs are so good for building hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, engineering skills, and more! Here’s a fun way to build a marble run using some really cheap materials. We built this marble run with about 4 sheets of card stock, scotch tape, and some sticky magnetic tape. That’s it!

We’ve made a lot of fun marble runs over the years… like our LEGO Marble Run and our Marble Trampolines. Marbles are just so much fun to play with!

Changeable Marble Run!

The card stock marble run components have sticky magnetic tape on the back, so kids can easily move them around and make adjustments.

You’ll need a magnetic surface to build it on. We used a magnetic white board, but you can also use the refrigerator or a large, flat oil change tray. (Those make such fabulous magnet boards!)

Owen (10) and I built the pieces for the marble run. I think most kids age 8 and up could build it themselves. However, Janie (5) was the one who played with it the most! So younger kids will love this, but you may have to help them build it.

It was fun to watch Janie problem solving with this marble run. She would stick a couple pieces on the board then try it out, and the marble would go flying off the track. So she would make some adjustments and then get so excited when it worked!

Marble Run Video Instructions and Demonstration:

Hit the play button below to watch a video of our marble run! In the video, I also show how to make the components.

Ready to Build Your Marble Run?

Supplies Needed:

  • Card Stock – white is fine, but colors make it fun!
  • Sticky-backed magnetic tape
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape or similar
  • Marbles
  • A magnetic surface, such as a white board or the refrigerator

Building the components is very easy! Cut your card stock into strips that are about 2.5 inches wide. Make them 3 inches if you want taller sides.

Then fold the edges up. Attach magnetic tape to on one side. That’s all there is to it!

To make the curved track pieces, you’ll need to cut some slits in the card stock.

Bend your track and tape the slits so that they overlap. This will give the track a nice curve! Tape both sides.

After I made this one, I decided that 3 slits on each side is plenty. So just cut 3 slits! I meant to go back and take more photos, but got interrupted…

Here’s our finished collection of marble run pieces:

Then it was time to build a marble run!

Magnetic tape is not the strongest magnet ever, so you will have to adjust the marble run pieces as you go – they may slide a little. If you want a stronger marble run, you may want to try our Cardboard Box Marble Run. However, this one is changeable, and that one is permanent, once you glue the pieces down.

More Favorite Marble Runs to Try!

If your kids like playing with marbles, you’ll want to check out our other projects!

Have fun playing with marbles!


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  1. Namitha Menon Mar 19, 2020

    Have been a huge fan ever since I foubd your site when my elder one was a very small kid. Now that she is a 12 yo bookworm, I continue getting ideas from this page for doing fun stuff with my younger one. Yesterday we made this cardstock marble run and it was a huge hit here. Thanks a lot. Looking forward for more ideas. You are a true inspiration!

  2. Ann Marie Koehler Mar 24, 2020

    I’ve been looked for a large magnetic white board like this. Wondering where you bought yours?

    1. Sarah Mar 26, 2020

      I bought this one at Hobby Lobby! You could also try Staples or Office Depot.

  3. Heidi Granado Jan 11, 2021

    So glad I found you! Our 9 yo son had an assignment to make a marble run and we decided on the cardstock one - loved it! It was great for him to do himself and he was so proud of himself when he got it to work correctly! He's now interested in doing more and we're excited about creating our next one. I'll definitely reference your site more - you're a true treasure. Thank you for your sharing your insight and talent!


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