My little dinosaur fan and I made these great cardboard “feet” today! We got the idea from Family Fun magazine. To make them, you need two empty tissue boxes, duct tape, paint, and cardboard for the toes. (Family Fun used triangles cut from sponges for the toes. They were cuter, but we didn’t have any sponges on hand. We used cardboard from a cereal box.)

Step 1: Use the duct tape to make the opening in the tissue box a little smaller. We made ours as small as possible, but made sure there was still room to get Gresham’s foot in and out.

Step 2: Paint the boxes. (I love how Gresham always has his tongue sticking out when he is concentrating! So cute!) We used acrylic paint because I was afraid that our washable tempera paints would rub right off the box.

Step 3: Add some dino toes, and your dino feet are complete! The dinosaur feet were definitely fun, but a little hard to walk in. Tomorrow, we’re going to try stuffing them with fiber fill to see if that helps them not move around on his feet. I think that will do the trick.

By the way, the outfit Gresham has on is a dinosaur costume that I made for him when he was 2. At the time, I had no idea how much he would love it! There’s more about how I made it in his dinosaur birthday post here.

The other day, I caught him taking his afternoon nap with the costume on – I didn’t realize he hadn’t changed out of it before getting in bed…

It must be fun to be 4!


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  1. Crystal @ Intentional Homemaker Jun 28, 2011

    What a fun idea! Our boys love dinos!

  2. Amanda Aug 3, 2011

    Those dino shoes are so cute! You have such great ideas.


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