Is your dad’s birthday coming up? Thinking about Father’s Day? Or just need a card for a quick note? Well, these free printable Dad Jokes cards are just the thing!

What are Dad Jokes, you ask? Well, they are cheesy jokes often featuring terrible puns that make you groan and say, “Da-a-a-a-ad!” But then you crack up laughing because they are actually pretty funny…

I took some of our favorite Dad Jokes and made them into greeting cards. I tested them out by showing them to my husband… and he laughed out loud! Success.

If you want to read bunches of Dad Jokes, then head over here: 75 Awesome Dad Jokes

If you want to print the cards, keep going!

There are four different joke cards to print. But then there are multiple options for each card.

Each of the four joke cards have three different versions:

  • Birthday
  • Father’s Day
  • A nice, generic greeting that can be used anytime

So there are actually 12 different cards to choose from!

SOOO CORNY! Haha. Dad will love it! More jokes to add to his collection.

Dad Joke cards - birthday cards

Each card prints as a full sheet of paper. Fold it in half vertically, and then fold it in half again horizontally.

Ready to print your Dad Joke Cards? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can print from there.

These files are copyrighted. Please do not distribute these. If you’d like to pass them on, direct your friends and family to this site to print them.

CLICK HERE: Printable Dad Joke Greeting Cards

dad joke cards - birthday cards, Father's Day cards


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