Here’s a really fun egg decorating idea! Use markers to make adorable doodle egg people! This is a great spring craft for both kids and adults, and the finished eggs are so much fun to display.

Display your egg people in an empty egg carton, or arrange them in a basket with some Easter grass. My daughter has been having so much fun playing with our eggs and making them have conversations with each other!

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We made our egg people to use in our LEGO Egg Car Challenge. I decided to hard boil them because I really didn’t want to clean up raw egg out of the LEGO bricks!

If you want to keep your eggs long term, I would recommend blowing out the eggs before decorating them.

Another option is to use wood craft eggs. Cover them with a coat of paint in white or any color before decorating them.

I chose to use our Sharpie oil-based paint markers because I like them so much. I bought ours at Hobby Lobby. This would be a great item to get at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s with a coupon!

Just as with rock painting, it’s a good idea to sketch out your design with a pencil before drawing it with paint.

Also, be sure to let one color of paint marker dry before trying to write on top of it. If you’re going to outline something, do that last after the main color has dried adequately.

It was so fun to come up with all different faces and hairstyles! Add glasses, mustaches, earrings, etc.

Egg Decorating Ideas

So fun!

And no, you probably won’t want to eat the eggs after you’ve decorated them with markers. Personally, I feel like it’s worth a dozen eggs to have the fun of decorating them and playing with them, but if you prefer to eat the eggs you can search for food-safe markers on Amazon.

Doodle Egg People - Egg Decorating Ideas

Need more egg decorating ideas?

Make some adorable Bunny and Chick Painted Easter Eggs!

Or decorate eggs with markers and this fun LEGO Egg Decorating Machine! We’ve got instructions in the post to show kids how to build this with the bricks they have.


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