Woo hoo, this new LEGO® project is definitely one of our favorites! Here’s an easy way to make your own LEGO® wall (especially if you don’t have an actual wall to devote to this), and it doubles as a play board for creating large LEGO® scenes.

This project started with me deciding to make some type of surface for vertical building. The thing about an open concept house, though, is that we don’t have a lot of walls! I couldn’t find a space that I really wanted to use for a permanent LEGO® structure, so I decided to go with a basic white board, and it worked great.

Use this LEGO® board:

  • As a LEGO® wall, leaning on a surface
  • As a LEGO® wall with the white board attached to the wall
  • As a play board for building large scenes

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As soon as the board was ready for play, Owen built the coolest scene with a river and a dragon and a little mini castle. If you put baseplates right on the carpet, there is too much “squish” to be able to attach the bricks. This board provides a sturdy surface for building.

And then the great part is that the board fits under the bed when he is finished playing! We like to keep our bedroom floors somewhat picked up each day (most days, anyway), so it’s fantastic to easily put this away.

Ready to Make One?

Materials Needed:

  • One 24 x 36 white board with a wood frame from Hobby Lobby, or something similar. It was just over $8 with a 40% off coupon, so not a bad price at all!
  • 6 green peel and stick baseplates – They come in packs of 4 for $29.99, or you can order 1 for $8.95. There are several other colors to choose from.
  • A ruler
  • A pencil or dry erase marker
  • LEGO® bricks

Awhile back, we were given a box of Peel and Stick Baseplates from Creative QT. Life has been so crazy that the baseplates sat in the box for way too long! But they were the perfect thing for this project. I am skeptical of anything that is not official LEGO® brand, so I was hoping that they would hold the bricks tightly. They do! Also, the peel and stick element is fantastic. The adhesive is strong, and it’s definitely easier and less mess than super glue or something similar.

The baseplates come like this, with a peel off back.

Whether you’re using LEGO® baseplates or another brand, it’s REALLY important to space them correctly. You need to actually attach the plates to each other using bricks to get the 1 mm between baseplates that is necessary.

We laid out all our baseplates and then measured to make sure that they were straight with the frame of our white board. The white board dimensions included the frame, and it wasn’t quite exact either. We found that we could line the base plates up with 0.75 inch of space on the top and the bottom, so that’s what we did. We marked the edge of the first baseplate with a dry erase marker on the board.

Once you peel and stick the first baseplate, you’ll need to use two LEGO bricks to help you set the second one. Work carefully, because you aren’t going to be able to pull them back off and reposition them! Ours came out great, though, on our first try. Just plan first and move carefully. The baseplates come with detailed instructions on how to install them – definitely read that first!

Building on a vertical surface provides all new LEGO® building inspiration!

After we took this photo, we moved the board to a carpeted room. The board slides on hard floors, but carpet provides enough resistance that it works great just leaning against something. If you want a permanent LEGO® wall, simply hang your white board on the wall. Super easy!

Here are more awesome LEGO organization ideas:

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  1. Eddie Nov 9, 2017

    Great Post! I want to have it for my lovely children. Thanks.

  2. Cheryl Dec 6, 2017

    Hi Sarah

    This looks awesome and am definitely going to try it with my children.
    Quick question:
    How do you store your Lego? With 5 children and you’re all being avid Lego fans, you must have some system. I’m an avid Lego fan too, so have encouraged it with my 3; resulting in us having masses of Lego. It’s driving my husband nuts and I’ve definitely invested many many many hours, trying to create some semblance of order with the Lego.

    Thanks and keep up the posts. They’re great.

  3. Christie Batchelder Dec 11, 2017

    Just wanted to say thank you for the great post just put one together for my nephew and it couldn't have been easier
    with your great instructions. Hopefully he will love it too since he sure loves legos.

  4. Barb Feb 8, 2018

    Thank you for this wonderful idea. Made one for my grand nephew for Christmas and he and his parents are loving it. Many friends are interested in making one for their families. I used Gorilla Glue to hold down the baseplates, took a bit of trial and error on the amount of glue but it eventually worked out great.
    Saves stepping on Lego pieces all over the floor.
    Again many thanks

  5. Susan Guinto Jul 5, 2018

    That's a really cool idea! Great use of wall space as well as excess legos lying around the house! A very creative way to get kids on board a good project too.

    I also found great design ideas here, as well as lego wall tiles that can stick on the wall - https://www.brik.co which you can check out and add to your collection.

  6. Julie Jun 30, 2020

    This is such a great idea much more practical for a small bedroom like my little girls where you cant dedicate a whole wall to a lego station as you see in most pinterest boards, brilliant will definitely try this

    Thanks keep up the good work!

  7. Mindy Jul 7, 2021

    We made this to your specifications over 2 years ago. It has held up really well! There have been cities on it while it lived under a bed and mosaics created on it when it was propped against the wall. Most recently, my 9yo has made a marble track on it while it leans on an angle against the wall. I have had many friends ask where I bought it and I always send them to your site! Thanks again for the great ideas, Sarah!


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