Use felt to create play food apple, pumpkin, and blueberry pies! The best part is that you can actually pretend to “cook” and assemble the pie since the crust and filling are separate pieces.

Janie and I have been having a blast lately creating felt play food. Well, I’ve been doing most of the creating since she is only 4, but it’s so fun to make things for her kitchen and then play with them together.

To make these pies, all you need is felt, scissors, and hot glue. Seriously! Well, actually the pumpkin pie has a little fiber fill stuffing in it, but that’s truly all you need.

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Apple Pie

For the apple pie, I used tan felt (with a heathered look), red felt, and thick felt in an ivory color. All three colors came from Hobby Lobby.

Aren’t the pie pans the CUTEST? And you can use them for real baking, too. I got them on Amazon – they are Norpro Mini Pie Pans and they come in a set of 4.

I made the bottom crust so that it’s curved and fits well in the bottom of the pan.

First, I traced the top of the pie pan, hoping that this would be the right amount of felt, and it was.

Then I cut 3/4 inch slits around the edges of the felt circle. I made 6 slits. Use a little bit of hot glue to overlap each slit and glue it down. You don’t want to overlap by much. Just enough to give the pie crust a gentle slope around the edges.

The lattice crust was a piece of cake… or should I say pie? Ha ha. I just cut strips of felt and wove them together. I put a small dot of hot glue between the felt at each intersection. Then I trimmed the edges to give it a round shape.

The apples are adorable and so simple to make. I made myself a cardboard pattern and cut lots of ivory colored apple slices. Then I cut thin strips of red felt for the apple skin.

Just glue two apple slices together and then glue the red felt on the edge – that’s it!

Blueberry Pie

Janie says the blueberry pie is her favorite. The bottom crust is the same as the apple pie. Then I just filled it with blue pom pom balls and topped it with a felt crust.

I folded the top crust in half to cut the holes. Actually, I folded it in half four different ways, with two holes cut on each fold.

It’s fun to pretend to cook the blueberries before putting them in the pie!

Pumpkin Pie

The pumpkin pie has another bottom crust, stuffed pumpkin filling, and a lattice crust just like the apple pie. (I know one doesn’t generally put a lattice crust on pumpkin pie, but somehow it looks cuter on this one!)

The pumpkin filling was not difficult to make. I first cut two circles out of orange felt. Then I cut slits in the larger circle and glued it just like the bottom pie crusts. I needed this filling to fit inside the crust, so I found two plastic cups that seemed about the right size and traced them (the top of the cups) to make the circles.

Once the bottom was the right shape, I glued the top circle to the top edge. I left half of it open for stuffing. It doesn’t take much fiber fill stuffing, but you’ll want to put a little in so that the filling doesn’t collapse.

With any luck, your filling will fit right inside the crust and look SO CUTE! And if it doesn’t turn out quite right, just try again. Thankfully felt is cheap!

Other pie ideas…

Try making the filling that I did for the pumpkin pie in a light brown color for chocolate cream pie! Or use small red pom poms for cherry pie.

Janie suggested purple pom poms for grape pie… I told her that people don’t generally make grape pie! But hey, I guess it’s just play food!

Want more no-sew play food ideas?


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  1. Cindy Gunn Sep 3, 2018

    Very creative and so cute! You have inspired me to “bake” some pie making for my granddaughter.

  2. Katrina Bryant Oct 17, 2019

    Love this. Implementing in my classroom.

  3. katherine martinez Nov 5, 2019

    i am so excited to try this in my prek classroom. thank you!!!

  4. Sheila Peterson Sep 8, 2020

    These are so adorable! I can't wait to use them for our Preschoolers, and my grandchildren.

  5. Mercedes Armstrong Jul 6, 2021

    They look so easy to do. I can't wait to make these ones and added them to the Farm Market Dramatic Play.

  6. Valerie Jul 13, 2021

    OMGoodness to cute. I already have the pans. Making them on my vacation. When the kids return to preschool they will be so excited. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Grape Pie Sep 4, 2021

    Grape pie is popular in our area! We are in the grape belt in NY!

  8. Connie Nov 2, 2021

    These are so cute! Going to make for my granddaughter. Just wondering if you have a supplies list?

  9. S. Fernandes Nov 3, 2021

    Love these ideas! I'm definitely going to give it a try.

  10. B. Antillon Aug 18, 2022

    Going to have to try these. I made a couple but I sewed them.😂

  11. Laura Oct 23, 2022

    Wondering where you got the tin pie pans?? Do you have a link?

  12. Erin Jul 10, 2023

    Just to validate your little one...when I was in the Finger Lakes area in wine tasting country, they make grape pie! So she wasn't totally off.


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