Here are some easy Thanksgiving games for kids that are perfect for your family gathering!

Make the day more fun for everyone with some simple games that will keep the kids busy and happy. There is very little prep required for these games, and they use items you probably already have!

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving crafts, you can find those here: Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities

Thanksgiving Memory Game

Make a Thanksgiving version of the classic memory game with index cards and Thanksgiving stickers! Pull this out whenever you need the kids to be busy for a few minutes.

Tip – These stickers all came from Hobby Lobby’s scrapbooking aisle. They carry stickers for every season all the time.

Cut index cards in half and add stickers. That’s it!

I bought two packs of each type of stickers so that I would have matching pairs.

You’ll want to make sure that your index cards are heavy enough that you can’t see the outline of the sticker when they are upside down.

What’s Missing? Thanksgiving Dinner Game

This next game is also a memory game, but a different type!

Use play food to set up a Thanksgiving dinner. We happen to have a play food turkey, but it’s fine if you don’t. Just use whatever food items you have!

Set up a dinner with a variety of dishes and food items.

Then ask your child to look at the “table” carefully and remember each item. While your child has his or her eyes closed, remove one item. Then ask them to look again at the table and identify what’s missing!

Kids can set up this game themselves once they have the hang of it!

Thanksgiving games for kids

Hide the Turkey

Hide-and-seek games have always been a huge hit with my kids.

This game is all about hiding turkeys for others to find. You can hide one turkey or hide several.

You can play this game outside or inside. Either way works great.

We used the turkeys from our Nerf Turkey Targets. Print the turkeys and color them in! We have a laminator, so I went ahead and laminated ours for extra durability. Another option is to glue them to a piece of cardboard.

These turkeys were drawn by my second son and they make me laugh every time I look at them!

Hide them in easy places for preschoolers, or make it harder for older kids. This is a great way to keep the kids busy while they wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready!

hide the turkey Thanksgiving games for kids

Candy Corn Tic-Tac-Toe

This is EASY PEASY, and if you don’t have candy corn on hand, you can substitute something else! You can really use any type of candy, as long as it’s not shaped so that it will roll away.

Turkey Tag

If you need the kids to burn off some energy, head outside and play TURKEY TAG! Our version is sort of a variation on toilet tag or freeze tag. If a player gets tagged, they must stand in one place, flap their arms, and gobble like a turkey until another player touches them to unfreeze (un-turkey?) them.

Here’s another fun way to play Turkey Tag! Players try to get clothespin turkeys off each other, while keeping their own from getting taken.

Nerf Turkey Targets

Kids will love this Nerf target game! Print the turkeys, color them, and then tape them to plastic cups. So silly and fun!

Print your targets here: Nerf Turkey Targets

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Head over to print 5 different Thanksgiving Coloring Pages! This is another activity that is perfect the wait before dinner is ready.

Print them here: Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Family Card Games

It’s always fun to learn a new card game over the holidays!

Here’s a collection of more than 20 games to play with a deck of cards. I specifically chose games that are equally fun for kids and adults.

See them here: 20+ Family Card Games


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