A flower craft is perfect for spring, and these sweet flowers are made with simple supplies from your craft closet! Grab some felt, buttons, and popsicle sticks, and you’re ready to go.

Well, and glue. And scissors. And a little green paint. But that’s it!

This flower craft would be perfect for kids to make and give away as gifts. They are beautiful to display! I would recommend this craft for kids age 8+ to do mostly independently, or younger than 8 with adult help. Perfect for spring or summer.

Felt, Popsicle Stick, and Button Flower Craft for Kids

I bought the little glass vases at Hobby Lobby. They were less than $2 each, and they are SO cute! The vases seemed like they needed a little something more after I put the flowers in them, so I added some light blue glass gems from the floral section. They were just the thing! They look perfect now.

Ready to make some felt flowers?

Supplies Needed:

  • Felt – we used both regular felt and thick felt, which I found at Hobby Lobby
  • Buttons – any buttons! I have some wood buttons and wood-look buttons that came in a package from Walmart. Those are some of my favorites! The tiny ones came from Hobby Lobby.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Green paint for the popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil
  • Something round to trace, like a small cup
Felt, Popsicle Stick, and Button Flower Craft

How to Make the Button-Center Flowers:

The flowers with the buttons in the center are so simple to make. One easy way to get the shape right is to trace a circle. I used a small paper cup.

Then, draw small scallops around the perimeter of the circle. Cut it out, and then cut a smaller circle from another color of felt.

Choose two buttons of different sizes for the center of the flower.

Then, glue everything together! Paint some popsicle sticks green, and glue the flower to the stick.

How to Make the 3-D Loopy Flowers (or whatever you’d like to call them!)

These are truly so easy to make. First, cut out a long rectangle. (Pretend that this one does not have any slits in it yet. This is the shape you want.)

Then fold your rectangle in half length-wise. Cut small slits starting at the folded edge. But don’t cut all the way through!

Making this into a flower shape seems sort of mysterious, but it’s actually quite easy. Glue one end of your felt rectangle to a popsicle stick stem.

Then, wrap the the felt around the popsicle stick. Keep it folded as you wrap.

Flower craft

When you have wrapped all the felt around the popsicle stick, glue the end to attach it to the stick.

How to make a 3D flower craft

Cut out some small green leaves and glue them to the base of the flower. So cute!

How to Make the Rose

Make a rose shaped flower using a similar method. We’ll be wrapping the felt around the popsicle stick for this flower too, but instead of cutting a rectangle, you’ll want to cut out the shapes shown below.

Start with the smaller piece. Glue the end to the popsicle stick stem, and then wrap it around. Then wrap the larger piece.

To finish off this flower, try cutting leaves as all one piece, as shown below. Cut a slit in the center, and slide it over the popsicle stick. I didn’t glue this one in place – it’s staying just fine on its own.

Flower craft

Have fun making beautiful felt flowers!

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Felt, Popsicle Stick, and Button Flower Craft


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