At our house, we have discovered many things to do with foam bathtub letters besides play with them in the bathtub!  Obviously, they are very fun to stick to the side of the tub, but we have also used them as stamps for spelling the boys’ names in paint and as part of a game to spell three-letter words.

Yesterday, I needed something quick to occupy Owen while I fed the baby.  I’ve been starting to work with him on the alphabet (he just turned 3 in May).  I sent Gresham upstairs for the bathtub letters and announced that we were going to play a game.  I had Gresham hide four letters around the room (we’re currently working on A, B, O, and T), and Owen had to find the letters and name them!

It was amazing to me how fun this game was for Owen!  He loved waiting in suspense while Gresham hid the letters.  He loved finding the letters.  He loved announcing which letters they were (although he can mostly only remember O).  He loved hiding them for Gresham to find (in all the same spots that Gresham had just used!).  In fact, they got the letters out after dinner and played the game again!

Sometimes simple things are the best!


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  1. Stuart Mann Sep 28, 2014


    I just wanted to say thank you for so many amazing ideas. I'm a special needs teacher in England and have a class or 10 and 11 year olds with my lowest achiever working at the age of a 5 year old. This has given me such inspiration!

    All the very best,


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