Here’s a fun snowflake variation that is ADORABLE and surprisingly easy to make! Use brown construction paper to make gingerbread men snowflakes.

Your completed snowflake will have 6 cute gingerbread men, and their legs create a star shape in the center.


To make these, all you need is brown construction paper, scissors, a pencil, and a white and red colored pencil. We used Prisma colors, which definitely have the darkest color, but any colored pencils will work!

Here’s how to fold the paper!

Start with a full sheet of construction paper. Fold over one corner so that you create a large square.

NOTE: The scissors are just holding down the paper in these photos so that it doesn’t unfold and make the steps unclear. Only cut when the instructions say to cut!

Cut off the bottom of the paper, and you’ll be left with a square that is folded in half to make a triangle.

Fold the large triangle in half to make a smaller triangle.

Turn the triangle so that the longest side is on top. Then fold the right side over toward the middle. Fold it over in thirds.

Then fold over the left 1/3.

Flip the snowflake over, and cut straight across the top. You want to cut off the points and end up with a nice straight line.

Now it’s time to draw the gingerbread man shape.

Make sure that the center of the gingerbread man is on the FOLDED side of the triangle.

Use a hole punch to make the eyes.

Then cut around the gingerbread man’s body, like this.

Then unfold!

It may take a couple tries to get the shape just right – we had one with too skinny of a body, and one with a wide alien looking head. But it’s not difficult! Just try again, and I bet you’ll get a good one!

Use colored pencils to draw buttons and icing.

Grab some glue, and attach your finished snowflake to some white construction paper or card stock.

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  1. Elaine Butler Dec 20, 2018

    So cute. Well done to your son for designing such a great decoration.


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