Here’s a fun Nerf target game that you can put together in minutes! Make pop-up targets out of file folders. Kids can knock them down, and they pop back up again! The templates are available to print at the bottom of the post. Let the kids color them and cut them out, and then assemble the game. This is a fantastic activity for a rainy day, or any time that the kids have excess energy to burn.

File folders work really well for creating Nerf targets that knock down and pop back up. (They don’t always come all the way back up – they might need a little help before the next person’s turn.) We have done this a few times, and it’s always a big hit with the kids!

First, print and color the number targets. You can find the file below.

Then, use glue stick or tape to attach your targets to some file folders. I cut each folder in half.

To make the file folders stand up, cut two slits.

Push the segment that you cut toward the back of the folder and crease it like this:

After making the first couple, I decided to try cutting two folded slits for one, and it definitely made the target stronger. I recommend doing two slits for targets that pop back up easily.

Make several targets and set up a shooting range! We put a couple of rocks on each folder to keep them from flying away when they get hit with a Nerf dart.

Play Race to 1,000

My boys like to race each other to 1,000 points! They each keep track of their own score and there aren’t really turns – they just keep shooting and adding up their points until someone gets to 1,000. It’s great for their math skills!

Print the Templates

Aren’t they colorful and fun? Ready to download the template for the targets?

CLICK HERE: Nerf Target Templates

Need more Nerf target ideas?


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  1. Marc Nov 7, 2017

    Great idea! My kids will have a lot of fun with this. Thanks!

  2. Jenny Jun 11, 2019

    Sarah!!! I just have to tell you how awesome you are!! Your posts are amazing! You’ve created hours and hours of fun for our family! Our summer schedule pretty much consists of every idea, activity, and craft on your website! Thank you!!!!

  3. Gail Fallon Aug 23, 2021

    Did you use letter- or legal-sized folders? I'm about to attempt making these for my grandsons but am unclear about the folder size. Perhaps it doesn't matter.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful posts!

    1. Sarah Aug 29, 2021

      We used letter size folders.


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