Grab some simple household items and make some nerf target games!

Planning a Nerf birthday party? Or just need something for the kids to do? We’ve got you covered! At our house, we have lots of boys who love Nerf guns. But with four of them running around, it can get quite annoying when they constantly shoot each other (and then complain and tattle) or shoot ME! Or break things! Thankfully, there are so many fun target games that you can make using materials from around the house, and creating the game becomes half the fun. Here are several awesome ideas for Nerf targets to make.

10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games

Exploding Stick Bombs

These stick bombs are held together by tension, and then they fly apart when you hit them with a Nerf dart! You can see how to make them here: STICK BOMBS

Super Awesome Nerf Games to Make

We used a cardboard box to make little stands for them. The blue things are straws that we glued down to keep the stick bombs from sliding.

BOOM! So cool.

Super Awesome Nerf Games to Make

They’re fun to shoot from behind too.

Super Awesome Nerf Games to Make

Simple Target with Holes

Set up this simple game with a poster board! We traced plates and cups to make various sized openings. Then I added point values. Great for a rainy day! We used a PVC pipe frame (because we have lots of PVC lying around… no joke!) but you can attach it to anything really. Hang it from the ceiling with string or attach it to a couple of chairs.

Super Fun Nerf Games to Make

The smaller holes are the highest point values.

Super Fun Nerf Games to Make

More Nerf Games – Click the links below to see details for each game.

Super Awesome Nerf Target Games to Make

Make a Hanging Nerf Target from This Pilgrim Life. I love how this catches the darts so you don’t have to go hunting for them!

Use a cardboard box and some paper towel rolls to make a Knock the Balls Down game!

Star Wars Nerf Games – These would make great party games.

Build a Spinning Target using stuff from around the house.

Shoot and Splash Nerf Game from No Time for Flash Cards. Fun outdoor game.

Super Awesome Nerf Games to Make

Make a SUPER easy dart belt to keep those darts handy! From Fireflies and Mudpies.

Use plastic cups to make a Nerf Target Prize Game. Hit the target and get a treat!

Army Guy Shooting Gallery – grab some plastic army men and a cardboard box. One of the boys’ favorites.

Build some LEGO Nerf Targets – two of our favorite toys in one!

Have fun! If you need more Nerf ideas, we have another collection of games to make that you can find here: 20 Awesome Nerf Games to Make

10+ of the BEST Nerf Games to Make


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  1. Richa Garg Sep 4, 2017

    Hey Sarah
    I love your blog. So many great ideas. I especially loved your mud playdough recipe for construction vehicle play.
    I have a question about the nerf guns. I have a 4 year old and I want to buy him one. But I have no idea which one will be safe for him to use at this age. Can you help me?
    I am dying to try all these nerf target games.


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  4. Mary May 25, 2020

    Hi, I'm a Grandmother raising my Grandson. He's now 13 but we can still use so many of these ideas. Especially now with the SIP. Thank you.

  5. Candace Eichholz May 28, 2020

    Hi! Loved the nerf gun targets - I made the hanging board with the circles BUT I used cookie cutters and stencils to make different shapes - more fun and decorated the poster board with stickers. FUN


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