A couple weeks ago I wrote about how to play “Sticks,” and we’re back with another silly game to share! This one is called “Ninja.” Many of you are probably familiar with this game since it’s been around for a long time, but just in case I thought I’d post it. It’s great to find games that require ZERO materials, and this one holds our kids’ attention really well for some reason. (It doesn’t hold my attention – but they love it!)

How to play the game Ninja

Here’s how to play:

  • All the players stand with their hands together, facing the center of the circle.
  • Everyone says, “3, 2, 1, NINJA!” and then freezes in a cool ninja pose. (This is the favorite part!)
  • Each player takes a turn doing a ninja move. Turns move around the circle, just like any other game.
  • The object of the game is to get the other players “out,” one limb at a time.
  • When it’s your turn, you get one move. You can karate chop another player’s arm below the elbow, or kick their ankle or foot. You can try to get any player out – it does not need to be the person next to you. You can take a step as part of your move, but only one step. For example, you can step forward or backwards and do a karate chop with your arm. The player being attacked can dodge your ninja move. If you successfully karate chop their arm below the elbow or their foot/ankle, then that limb is out!
  • A player is out of the game when both of their arms and both of their legs are out.
  • The winner is the last ninja standing!

How to Play the Game Ninja

This is a great game for times of waiting! It takes more room to play than Sticks, but it’s a (relatively) calm game and you don’t need anything to play it!

More Ninja Fun:


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  1. Lee Mar 31, 2015

    My older kids *loved* playing this game at the classical co-op we used to attend! I'm not sure they even started with the 321 ninja part, but they sure enjoyed the game!


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