Here are 7 ideas for a LEGO® themed Easter Egg Hunt!

LEGO® makes any egg hunt more fun!  (At least, we think so!)  Some of these ideas involve new LEGO® sets or figures, and others involve making use of pieces you already have.

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7 Ideas for a LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

Simple Brick Hunt

The new LEGO® Classic sets would be perfect for filling eggs!  The Small Creative Box would provide plenty of new pieces, and the price is right.  Or, purchase any small set and divide up the pieces among several eggs.  Then provide the instruction booklet at the end after all the eggs have been found.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

We have a post with 20 Simple LEGO Ideas using pieces from the Small and Medium Classic boxes.  Feel free to print the photos for building ideas after the eggs have been found!

Color Coded Brick Hunt

If you have more than one child, choose a small set or building project for each child.  Then fill a different color of eggs for each child so that one is hunting for blue, one is hunting for purple, etc.

Spring LEGO® Builds Egg Hunt

If you’re feeling creative, collect the pieces for some spring themed LEGO® projects and fill the eggs with the pieces.  (Amazon has a LEGO® bunny for sale, but unfortunately the price is OUTRAGEOUS!  It’s sold out on

Here are some ideas for Spring LEGO® projects:

How to Build LEGO Chicks, Bunnies, and Butterflies

7 Spring LEGO Ideas

Easter LEGO Ideas – including a white bunny! From Brain Power Boy

Lego Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Minifigure Match-up

Round up your minifigure collection for this fun egg hunt!  Fill each egg with half a minifigure – head and body in one, legs and accessories in another.  Once all the eggs have been found, the kids can match up the minifigures! (Or create silly mix-and-match LEGO® guys!)

Surprise Minifigure Egg Hunt

Fill a few eggs with series minifigures. (To keep the cost down, the rest of the eggs can be filled with candy or with basic bricks you already have!)

7 Ideas for a LEGO Easter Egg Hunt

Build a Vehicle Egg Hunt

Sort through your LEGO® bricks and find pieces for building cars – wheels, flat bricks, windshields, steering wheels, etc.  After all the eggs have been found, the kids can build vehicles.  Provide a simple ramp for testing them out!  A train table board works really well for this.

Toddler Color Sorting Egg Hunt

One 2 x 2 Duplo brick will fit in a plastic egg.  Fill your eggs with Duplo bricks.  Once they have all been found, your toddler can sort them by color – maybe provide paper lunch bags with a square of colored construction paper taped to the front and load the bricks into those.  Then have fun building!

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  1. Emma Mar 25, 2015

    What a brilliant idea! Our boys get so much chocolate from friends and family, this is a great alternative! I can't wait to get some plastic eggs.
    The mini figure eggs could also be a great gift idea instead of chocolate eggs for our little man's friends. Your blog delivers great ideas yet again, thank you!

  2. Laura @Lalymom Mar 25, 2015

    What fun ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt! Waaay better than candy!

  3. Kris Mar 25, 2015

    Lego filled eggs is a great idea! I'm thinking I might get a little set and divide the pieces up. Then my sons have to find all the eggs to complete the set. They don't eat much candy so I just end up eating it, and this is way more fun!

  4. Katy Mar 26, 2015

    This totally beats putting candy in the eggs! And, everyone's still happy because who doesn't like Legos? ;)


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