Challenge kids to create a story illustrated with LEGO® bricks!

This printable pack is the perfect compliment to my LEGO® book Epic LEGO® Adventures with Bricks You Already Have although you can use it with or without the book. Kids can build story scenes, shoot photos, and write exciting text just like I did when creating my book.  This is a fantastic way to build creative writing skills using a topic kids are already passionate about – LEGO® projects!

Epic LEGO® Adventures features five hilarious stories with step-by-step instructions for building all of the projects in the stories.  I can guarantee that it will inspire hours of creative building and play!

To see a sample from the book, click here: A Peek Inside Epic LEGO® Adventures.

How to Use this Creative Writing Pack

We tried out this LEGO® story project with an 8 year old friend who agreed to help us, and y’all – he had a BLAST!  He made the cutest story about a happy robot and a grumpy robot who each needed a friend, but weren’t sure how to make one.  Then they became friends with each other!

Step 1: Think of a story idea and build your LEGO® projects.

Step 2:  Let your child take photos to illustrate the story.  They can think through the action of the story and set up a different scene for each page.

Step 3:  Print out your LEGO® book pages.  There are three different sizes of handwriting lines so that you can choose what best suits your child.  Print out as many pages as your child needs.  There is a small icon in the bottom right corner of each page where they can record the page number.

Step 4:  Print your child’s photos. They can glue them to the page, or I would recommend tape if you are using real photo prints (as opposed to printing them on a color printer at home).

If you are completing this project with a class, they can always draw their illustrations if it’s not feasible to print photos.

Step 5:  Write the story!  It’s so motivating to write about a favorite topic.

Step 6:  Add a title to the cover, and assemble the book.  Either staple the pages together, or slide each page into a page protector and put the story in a 3 ring binder.  Or simply use a 3 hole punch and put the pages in a binder.  It’s up to you!

The pack also includes a Word Bank with ideas for settings and characters.  There are lists of action verbs, awesome adverbs, and exciting adjectives to assist kids in choosing colorful, descriptive vocabulary.

Use the 24 Story Starter Cards to inspire kids who are having trouble thinking of a story idea. There are a ton of wacky adventure prompts with a cliffhanger that they can flesh out themselves.

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Don’t forget to check out our LEGO® story and project book Epic LEGO Adventures with Bricks You Already Have!


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