Use your LEGO® bricks to build a a fall tree with colorful fall leaves!

We’ve been decorating for fall with… LEGO®!  Who knew that LEGO® could look good with home decor?

This project was originally posted in September 2014 and updated in October 2020.

This simple project is made from a wooden shadow box frame that I found at Hobby Lobby. It was in the wood crafts aisle. If you prefer not to have to paint the frame, you can also find finished shadow boxes at both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby in the photo frames section.

Lego Fall Tree Shadow Box

The shadow box I used comes unpainted. I did a quick sanding job on it to get rid of rough edges. Then I painted the inside of the box to make a blue sky.

You can paint the entire frame, or leave it unfinished. Or, stain it with wood stain.

We had fun building LEGO trees from the bricks in our stash. Use 1 x 2 plates in orange, yellow, and red to make the leaves. It looks good to scatter a few leaves on the ground as well!

LEGO Fall Tree Shadow Box

I used a 4 x 12 plate and a 4 x 10 plate as the base for the trees. It fit perfectly in the shadow box. I covered both plates with lime green plates to make the ground. Use regular green, if you prefer, or make the ground a mix of grass and dirt by using green and brown together.

Lego Fall Tree Shadow Box

Display your LEGO® Fall Tree Shadow Box on your fireplace mantle, or hang it on the wall.

The frame we use doesn’t stand on its own, so I have it propped up in these photos.

We won’t have real fall leaves to look at until November, so it’s fun to have LEGO® leaves!

What can you build in your shadow box?

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  1. Sheila @ Brain Power Boy Sep 20, 2014

    Very neat idea. I love it so much I now have to go out and find a similar frame so we can do some holiday building for display :)

  2. JJ Sep 24, 2014

    The last couple of years we have used Legos to decorate for Christmas, but I hadn't thought of Fall!!! My Lego nut 8 year old son just walked up and said, "COOL!!!" We're going to have to start digging for brown, yellow, and orange pieces. :o)



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