Use LEGO® bricks to build a seasonal decoration!

We’ve been decorating for fall with… LEGO®!  Who knew that LEGO® could look good with home decor?

I found this shadow box on clearance at Michael’s ($7.00) and thought it might be fun for creating a fall tree with LEGO®s.  Then at Christmas time, we can build a Christmas tree.

Fall Tree Lego Shadow Box

This shadow box is a 9 x 9 square.  I don’t know if Michael’s will still be carrying this exact type since it was on clearance, but I’m sure you can find something similar at Michael’s, another craft store, or Amazon.

First, Gresham and I sorted through our LEGO®s and found all the brown pieces we could find, plus 2 x 1 bricks in yellow, orange, and red.

Fall Leaf Lego Shadow Box

Gresham and I built the tree together.  We had to keep fiddling with it to get it to fit inside the shadow box, but I think it turned out really well! Aidan built the hill for the tree to stand on.

Lego Fall Leaf Shadowbox

We won’t have real fall leaves to look at until November, so it’s fun to have LEGO® leaves!

What can you build in your shadow box?

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  1. Sheila @ Brain Power Boy Sep 20, 2014

    Very neat idea. I love it so much I now have to go out and find a similar frame so we can do some holiday building for display :)

    1. JJ Sep 24, 2014

      The last couple of years we have used Legos to decorate for Christmas, but I hadn't thought of Fall!!! My Lego nut 8 year old son just walked up and said, "COOL!!!" We're going to have to start digging for brown, yellow, and orange pieces. :o)



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