There is just so much to love about fall, and these fall crafts for kids just make the season special! Celebrate crisp cool days, pumpkins, and colorful leaves with these beautiful crafts that kids will want to make and display.

These crafts are recommended for elementary age kids up through tweens and teens. I do have one preschool idea in this post (pumpkin boats), but the rest are best for bigger kids.

fall crafts for kids

Owl and Apple Crafts

Use wood slices to make these adorable Wood Slice Owl Ornaments. It’s fun to have each person in the family make one!

This Apple Basket Craft looks like something you bought at the store, but it’s SO easy to make out of simple materials. Just wooden dowel caps from the craft store, felt, sticks, paint, glue, and card stock.

Set up a fall LEGO building station with these Fall LEGO Mosaic Building Cards.

Paper plate crafts are awesome because of how simple they are. Make some wise old Paper Plate Owls!

Kids will enjoy making these Owl Painted Rocks. There are several different designs in the post.

Fall Leaf Crafts

Grow some Borax Crystal Fall Leaves. These crystal leaves turn out so beautiful, and they’re quite easy to make.

One way that we love to make fall leaves is to use coffee filters and watercolor paints. Make some beautiful coffee filter leaves, and then use them to make a Fall Leaf Mason Jar Luminary. Put a battery powered tea light inside to light it up!

These Black Crayon and Watercolor Fall Leaves are my favorite leaf craft of all! This is a good one if you don’t get good fall color where you live because you can use green (or brown) leaves. Use the finished leaves to make greeting cards, etc.

Fall Leaf Tessellation STEM Art – print the template for fun math art project. The leaves fit together as a tessellation. You can make this at home, and it also works well as a big collaborative art project with a class.

Use a jar to make a Fall Leaf “Snow” Globe. My second son had the idea for this project when he was 6 years old!

Pumpkin Crafts

Use toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make these adorable Paper Roll Pumpkins! Very simple craft with materials you have on hand.

These 3D Paper Pumpkins make great fall decorations. It’s fun to use patterned scrapbook paper for them, but regular construction paper also works just fine.

Use real pumpkins and felt to make these Woodland Animal Pumpkins. The owls are my favorite!

Turn mini pumpkins (or gourds) into Cats, Owls, and Spiders. Super cute, and very simple to make.

Make a Pumpkin Dollhouse using a craft pumpkin. This is SO FUN! We made the house for our Calico Critters. The post also shows you how to make some easy and adorable furniture.

Use LEGO bricks to build some LEGO Pumpkin Lanterns. Use a battery powered tea light to light them up – so cool! If you need more orange bricks, we recommend ordering from Brick Link.

We actually have several fall LEGO ideas (bats, pumpkin catapult, etc.) that you can see here: Fall LEGO Projects with Instructions.

Preschoolers will have a blast giving their toys a ride in these Pumpkin Boats! Fun sensory play idea.

Have fun crafting!

fall crafts for kids


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  1. Meg Mader Sep 24, 2020

    Great crafts- I always love your ideas! Meg

  2. Christina Sep 24, 2020

    These are awesome Sarah thank you for sharing.

  3. Joan Holmes Sep 25, 2020

    thankyou for adding me to your mailing list ,love the halloween crafts

  4. S. Fernandes Aug 7, 2021

    Looking forward to doing the pumpkin lantern with my sons. Great idea!


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