Here’s a fun LEGO® building idea! Construct your own board game with a working game spinner. This game spinner actually works better than many of the ones that come with board games!

I love challenging kids to build a board game because there are so many ways to go about this project. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon! Young kids can handle this project, but older ones will also enjoy creating their own game.

Use a base plate to design a board game. You’ll want the colors on the board game’s path to match the colors on your spinner. We built a pattern on our game, but you can decide if you want the colors to go in order or not.

To play the game, give the spinner a spin.

Then move to the next space with the corresponding color to the one the spinner lands on. We didn’t have trouble with our spinner landing between colors very often, but if it does, choose the color that is closest. Or spin again.

Janie and Jonathan (4 and almost 7) loved playing this game! We gave this game kind of an outdoor theme, but later Janie got Aidan to help her build a “princess” version with pink, lavender, and purple bricks. Aidan helped her make a bridge for the game pathway to cross over, and they added a Belle’s castle mini-set. It turned out SO cute!

How to Build the Spinner:

Attach four 2 x 3 plates to a 6 x 6 round plate. Use any four colors you like! If you don’t have enough 2 x 3 plates, you can use 2 x 2’s. The only thing about that is that you’ll have more space between colors and the spinner will land between colors more often. If that happens, you can re-spin.

The 2 x 2 round tile with a hole is not essential to the working of the spinner, but it’s nice to use if you have one.

Attach the 6 x 6 round plate to a 2 x 2 tile with a pin. It should now spin freely.

Build the “arrow” to show which color you landed on. We stacked a 1 x 2 brick, a 1 x 2 plate, and a 1 x 3 curved slope. There is a 1 x 1 black round plate under the slope brick on one end.

Have fun building!

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  1. rand Jan 1, 2019

    It was better than a regular board game

  2. Roslia santamaria Jan 9, 2019

    Thank you for sharing.childhood game!!!
    I love this!

  3. Dinees Ponton Mar 25, 2019

    We made something similar. I didn't have all the pieces you used. My grand kids love it. Each time they play, they have so many figures to chose from and I created a pyramid wall that I keep the characters on for them to chose from. I also added a flag at the finish.


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