If you’ve followed this blog for very long, you know that we love coming up with new building ideas with LEGO® bricks! After writing Genius LEGO® Inventions this year, which is full of cool machines and stuff for older kids, I decided that it was time to create some new ideas for beginner LEGO® fans. This post has ideas for creating vehicles, musical instruments, animals, and more!

These building ideas are not connected to one particular LEGO® set. The thing about creating ideas based on one or two sets is that LEGO® can discontinue their sets at any time! So we just went for cute and simple ideas. If your kids don’t have the exact pieces shown, encourage them to substitute different colors or different bricks.

Like our other simple building ideas, this post does not have full instructions. My goal was to show a large variety of ideas, and these projects should be fairly easy to figure out from the photos.


Create a simple helicopter! The brick we used for a windshield is attached to a 1 x 2 brick with two studs on the side.

Here’s another view so that you can see the pieces we used.

Race Car

It’s fun to build small and simple vehicles! The bottom of this car is just a 4 x 10 gray plate (flat brick).

Electric Guitar

This guitar uses all plates (flat bricks), so build it any color you want if you don’t have red!

Here’s a view from the back so you can see how it’s constructed.


Build an adorable minifigure scale piano!

It’s not quite the right shape for a grand piano, but my 9 year old created this design, and I didn’t want to make it more complicated by trying to make it the right shape.

If you have a 4 x 6 plate for the top of the piano, that would be ideal. We joined two 2 x 6 plates together with a 1 x 2 plate.

Place a 1 x 2 black plate under a hinge brick and then attach that to the 4 x 6 plate.

Attach this to the piano to build the opening top.

Build a bench with a 2 x 4 plate and two 2 x 2 round plates.


Build a whole LEGO® flower garden! Two of the flowers are attached to the stems with 1 x 1 bricks with a stud on the side.

How many different color flowers can you build?


Build a cute little robot with wheels as eyes!

Drum Set

The two drums on top (toms, for all you musicians) are attached to a 1 x 4 tan plate and a hinge brick. The hinge brick gives them the right tilt to look like a real drum set.

Here’s another view of the drum set.


Build this cute little bird out of any color of bricks! Make a tree for her to perch in.

Use a plate with clips and a plate with a handle to make the tail posable.

Mini Vehicles

My 12 year old created this collection of mini vehicles. I can’t decide which one is my favorite!


Llamas are so popular right now! Build some adorable llamas with LEGO® bricks.

The tan one is my favorite, but it also works well to build a llama with brown.

Mini Airplane

Build a classic looking airplane with a propellor on the front.

Here’s a view from the side – it’s built out of plates to create the body shape.

Mini Farm

This is another of my favorites! Build a tiny barn and silo. Then add rows of little bricks as plants. We built two apple trees to go with our tiny farm.

Mini Passenger Plane

Build a mini airliner! The base for this project is a 2 x 10 plate.


Build a long-legged flamingo. If you want it to stand on land instead of in the water, add some 1 x 2 plates for feet.

More Beginner Ideas:

I have several more ideas on my blog that do have full instructions!

Have fun building!


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  1. coltensartin Mar 20, 2020

    I love Lego build could you possibly show me how to make a Lego Flash symbol

  2. Mel Apr 7, 2020

    Thanks for the ideas! I have, I should say, my daughter has two big BINS of legos from sets that she "can't put together because all the pieces are mixed up." I'm planning to dig through, recreate some of your creations, dissasemble and then hide the pieces in Easter eggs. We still have HALLOWEEN candy in the pantry, no need to add any more!

  3. Abby May 1, 2020

    I am a retired elementary school teacher and grandma of 8. I love Lego and enjoy all your posts and ideas. You have an amazing talent. Thankyou for being on line where I could find you and thankyou for sharing patterns, ideas, etc.

  4. Melanie Oct 15, 2022

    Love your ideas and creative suggestions; brilliant when stuck for inspiration for things to do with my son - he’s 4 on 5th November! So glad we found you! Thank you!


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