Here’s a fun LEGO® building challenge – create a marble run!

Lego Marble Run

Aidan built this marble run with different types of moving parts. Here’s a demonstration:

Update: We’ve added another LEGO Marble Run to this site! This one is super awesome!

Aidan used four 10″ x 10″ baseplates. He attached them to each other with some flat green bricks and then leaned them against a train table play board. If you don’t have a train table, I think a card table with the legs folded in would also work well. Putting them up against the wall would be too vertical – we had the train table board leaning a little.

Lego Marble Run The picture below shows the pieces Aidan used for the spinner. The rotating brick is attached to the baseplate and then the spinner is attached to that.

Lego Marble Run

This is the lower half of the marble run:

Lego Marble Run

And these are the pieces he used to attached the sloping ramp to the baseplate. The three bricks with holes in them are attached to each other with connector rods.

Lego Marble Run

This was seriously such a fun project! Perfect for expending some creative energy on a bad weather day!

Where do we get our LEGO® pieces?

These links are Amazon affiliate links.

Many of the special LEGO® bricks that we use in projects came from a variety of sets – Star Wars, City, etc. Two of my boys rarely keep up with the parts in their sets and they end up in our big basic brick tub. We also recommend these LEGO® sets for building your collection of bricks:

  • Crazy Action Contraptions – This is a book and bricks set. The book has instructions for building several fun contraptions!
  • LEGO Basic Bricks – Lots of bricks, but not special pieces. We own at least two of these sets.

If you’re looking for more LEGO® projects, here are some other posts you might enjoy:

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  1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle Jan 16, 2015

    I absolutely love this, it's brilliant and I love the use of all the different moving parts. We're tidying our boys room his weekend, and if we finish in time this will be a brilliant use of Sunday afternoon :)

  2. Carol Jan 16, 2015

    Just a note of encouragement. I love the blog name. I am always looking for things for my grandsons to do. I have granddaughters too, but I find it very easy to find activities they are interested in. Sexist?? Me??? not. I sincerely try to dial into their interests. I was in science myself in college, and am more that eager/capable of sharing that field with children. I have my grandsons cook and my granddaughters build. BUT, they definitely lean more into boy-girl traditional activities.

  3. Lauren Jan 16, 2015

    This is amazing. We will try it this weekend. Thanks!

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