We are having so much fun being a part of LEGO® week hosted by Toddler Approved!

LEGO® Race lanes for cars – Release all the cars at once!

The boys have been into Hot Wheels cars for quite a while, and it seems like every day they are designing some new ramp for racing their cars. We thought it would be fun to build race lanes out of LEGO®s, and we thought it would be really cool to find a way to release all the cars at once.

We used a Thomas the Tank Engine train table board as a surface for our race lanes. We attached the Lego lanes to the board with sticky tack (poster putty).

Build a Lego Race Track

Lift up the white bar, and the cars go racing down the track!

Build a Lego Race Track for Cars

Here’s a close-up of how the car release works:

Build a Lego Racetrack for Cars

Each race lane has a notch left open in it for the white bar to sit on. Aidan built the white bar vertically and then laid it on its side, so it does not stick to the bricks in the lanes at all. He used white 2 x 2 bricks and 2 x 3 bricks.

Build a Lego Race Track

We built a finish line by making a pattern of black and white bricks on top of several flat pieces.

Build a Lego Race Track


  • The lanes are attached to the train table board with poster putty.
  • We also tried racing LEGO®s cars, but because of their rubber wheels they often go crooked and don’t race very fast. Hot Wheels were more fun. However, building and racing LEGO® cars would be fun for a LEGO® birthday party! Just make your race lanes wider.

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  1. Mary Jun 4, 2014

    Ok -- seriously fun and cute! I'm showing this to my LEGO lover! Thank you :-)

  2. raewynwyn Jun 5, 2014

    I am really impressed with your boys' creativity in play and awesome problem solving skills. I look forward to your blog updates - I pinch ideas for library activities :)

  3. Kim Aug 12, 2014

    We recently discovered that Hot Wheels makes a couple of minifigure compatible cars! They're mixed in with the rest of the cars hanging on pegs at Target, Walmart etc, and only $.97 each (which is a bargain for anything Lego related). Look for the ones named "Fig Rig" (truck) and "Let's Go" (go-kart). My kids love attaching their minifigures to them and racing them, but you can also add other Lego pieces at several points to 'customize' the cars. I bet your Lego fans would love them!

  4. Evelyn Dec 27, 2014

    Love this. Am going to go help my 5 year old set it up now...

  5. irene moe Jan 20, 2015

    Hopefully I m signing up for ur weekly newsletter

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