We’re back with more LEGO mosaics, and this time we have some LEGO Mario building cards to share!

These designs are based on the original NES Super Mario Brothers game from 1985. So classic! If you grew up in the 1980’s, you will not be able to resist having the video game music running through your head while building these LEGO mosaics.

As with all of our LEGO mosaic building cards, these patterns are designed to be used with 16 x 16 plates. Then you just need basic bricks in a variety of colors.

How to Build LEGO Mario Mosaics

It’s easy to build these LEGO Mario mosaics by following the patterns. Just count the studs and make the design match!

If you don’t have enough plates, here are 16 x 16 LEGO plates on Brick Link.

The LEGO Classic sets are a great way to get more bricks, although they have such a huge variety of colors now that it can be hard to get enough of the basic colors you need for this project. Brick Link is a great place to order more bricks if needed.

I’ll share photos of each design here. If you prefer to print the pattern cards, you can do so at the bottom of the post. Another option is to download the pattern cards for kids to use on a tablet, etc.


Let’s start with everyone’s favorite character! While several of the designs in this post are original, this one is definitely not. You can find it all over the internet! An 8 bit design doesn’t have a lot of room for creativity… and this is a good one.

To make Luigi, just switch to a green hat and shirt.


This one might be my favorite!


I had no idea what these were called, but thankfully my 16 year old gaming son knew.

Switch the color to blue if you want to make the underground version. (Cue the underground music!!)


Maybe you couldn’t remember all the vocabulary words on your science test, but you could remember which ones of these were just coins, and which ones had a fire flower or maybe even an extra life!


You were rocking the game when you got one of these…


And getting one of these was another amazing moment! In the Mariokart game as well…


This fun character was part of the underwater levels in Super Mario Brothers. My son 16 year old designed this one.


You had to time your jumps just right so you wouldn’t get eaten by this crazy tunnel dwelling plant!

Whew, that was a fun trip down memory lane! Did you know that you can play all the classic NES games on your Nintendo Switch? We’ve been having fun with that!

Print your LEGO Mario Building Cards!

Click the link below. The file will open, and you can print or save from there.

CLICK HERE: LEGO Mario Building Cards

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  1. Erin May 24, 2023

    these lego mosaic idea cards are great! I really think my students will be motivated to complete these. thank you for all of your great resources!

  2. Rebecca May 26, 2023

    These are adorable! We love all your designs and activities!

  3. Jenny Dec 31, 2023

    Thank you SO much for sharing all your LEGO mosaic ideas! I use them often in my LEGO STEM classes!! You are so generous to share so much! :)


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