Throwing a LEGO® birthday party? Planning a meeting for your LEGO® club? Or just need to keep a bunch of kids busy? Here are some totally awesome LEGO® games that are sure to be a big hit!

In fact, my favorite thing about these LEGO® games in that they are truly fun for all ages. Plan a family game night and connect with your kids!

10+ Totally Awesome LEGO Party Games

Game #1: LEGO® Car Partner Challenge

The object of this game is to construct a car in groups of 2, but there’s a catch! Each player can only use one hand. Players will need to figure out how to work together!

Prepare a tub ahead of time with plenty of car making bricks – windshields, wheels, steering wheels, etc.

LEGO Party Games

This game works well even if the players vary in age.

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

If you have more than one team competing at a time, set a time limit – maybe 5 minutes. Then take a look at everyone’s car!Awesome LEGO Party Games

Game #2: Small to Big Tower

Build a tower! There’s only one rule. Each piece that you add must be larger (by counting the studs) than the one you last added. The winner is the player who uses the greatest number of bricks in their tower.

I had a separate tub prepared for this game with a variety of bricks. Plates (flat bricks) are fine too! You want a variety of sizes.

Awesome LEGO Party Games

Everyone knew to start with a 1 x 1 brick, but the younger players grabbed big bricks too fast and then ran out of options! After my oldest son built a tower of 12 bricks by increasing the size each time by the smallest amount possible, the younger boys wanted to try again. It didn’t matter for us how many turns everyone got or who won, they just had fun doing the challenges!

Awesome LEGO Party Games

Game #3: Race to Cover the Baseplate

This game is just what it sounds like! You’ll need two baseplates and a bunch of bricks. Players race each other to cover the baseplate with bricks!

Awesome LEGO Party Games

I wasn’t sure if this game would take too long for it to be fun, but it didn’t! I timed it – we had a winner in 8 minutes, and everyone thought it was great fun.

Awesome LEGO Party Games

It was interesting to me that one of them started at the top and the other started at the bottom. I wonder if that affected their speed?

And we have a winner!

Awesome LEGO Party Games

Game #4: Treasure Tower

This game was our favorite, hands down! We enjoyed it so much that we did it more than once, even though it took a few minutes to set up.

Build a tower that conceals a prize. Each player gets 10 seconds to remove as many bricks as possible before passing the tower to the next person. The player who uncovers the prize gets to keep it!

I used a jumbo Easter egg to hold the prize. A regular sized Easter egg would actually be better because it wouldn’t require so many bricks to build around it.

Awesome LEGO Party Games

Then we started building…

Awesome LEGO Party Games

Make your tower as big as possible! You don’t want someone to get the egg out on the first turn.

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

We did 10 seconds for each turn, which was perfect.

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

Yay! He found the egg!

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

This tower lasted 5 turns. We made our second tower larger and it lasted 8 turns. Make it HUGE if you have a lot of kids! Another tip – use flat bricks along with regular bricks, especially if you have a lot of older kids, because they take much longer to remove. You can decide if you want to offer a brick separator or not – ha!

Game #5: Blindfolded Building

Build a tower – but with a blindfold on! Sounds easy, right? Well, it wasn’t as easy as the kids thought it would be, especially for the age 8 and under crowd. It’s a fun challenge that requires a strategy!

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

Owen (7) could get one brick on top of another, but they were perpendicular to each other. So then he would add another brick (perpendicular again), but that would topple the first two! Gresham observed and came up with a better approach…

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

For older kids, increase the difficulty level by asking them to build a specific creation while blindfolded, such as a rocket or a car or an animal!

More awesome LEGO® games to try:

10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games

Spoon Race

Players use a spoon to transfer LEGO® bricks from one bowl to another! See more details here: LEGO Spoon Race

LEGO® Pictionary

Give one player an object to build out of LEGO® bricks, and the rest of the players have to guess what it is! Ideas: robot, tree, bus, airplane, table and chairs, etc.

LEGO® Ring Toss

The post shows Duplo bricks, but I think regular bricks would work well too! See it here: LEGO Ring Toss

LEGO® Minute to Win it

Here’s a fun post with 10 Minute-to-Win-It style LEGO games. Play them as a one minute challenge, or adapt the rules. I think they are all super creative ideas!

Five Minute Building Challenge

Here’s an idea that is less competitive and more open-ended than the Pictionary type game. Give each player a pile of bricks. Then announce the challenge – build an animal, build a vehicle, etc. Everyone has 5 minutes to build, and then each person can show what they made! Perfect for younger kids. You can see more about how we played this game here: Five Minute Building Challenge.

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10+ Awesome LEGO Party Games


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  1. Jane Feb 22, 2017

    These are a great collection of activities/ games to play. We had a huge Lego program at my son's elementary school- all based on play and games and activities like these - so much fun!
    I have been admiring your blog and newsletters for some time. I'm working on a "Let me help you start a Lego club" blog.
    May I touch base with you again and chat with you about my blog plan?

  2. Jenny @ thebrickcastle Feb 22, 2017

    You really have some awesome ideas here - I love the hiding one! I know the kids would absolutely adore that :D

  3. marcjanna Mar 1, 2017

    Love these ideas, I will use some of them soon with my kids and their friends

  4. Toby Oct 16, 2017

    good games - I like it!

  5. Toby Oct 16, 2017

    Thanks far the message

  6. Tanya Oostdam Dec 4, 2018

    I would love to print this to keep it on hand in our toy room for ideas. But it is 28 pages. Any chance you have a PDF version without all the photos?

    1. Sarah Dec 6, 2018

      I don't have a PDF version, but I'll keep that in mind for future projects!

  7. Pamela Oct 25, 2019

    Awesome ideas, thank you!! I'm a Classical Conversations tutor and I am SO going to use Game #4: Treasure Tower as our review game next week. (Ask a review question, then one team removes a couple of bricks. First team to unlock the prize wins!)

  8. Robin Nov 24, 2022

    I really liked some of these ideas, we run a lego club and are keen to play with lego outside the traditional building scenario's, we like to encourage playing too. The most popular theme we have is to build cars then set up a folding table so we can have a ramp for the kids to try their creations. sometimes we film them in slow motion crashing, this is a theme that is always voted for, by the girls as well. As we are getting near Christmas the last session is going to be playing games with lego, like relay races spooning lego from one place to another (thanks for showing us how we can develop that idea ) and finding lego pieces that we have hidden.😊


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