Here’s a fun LEGO® craft that kids will LOVE! Make a picture frame that can display a photo and a brick message. Kids can change what the message says by building new words!

This craft is perfect for a camp or LEGO® club. It’s easy to make with a wooden frame from the craft store and some simple supplies.

It’s amazing what you can spell with bricks! What will your frame say?

I think this one might be my favorite. Other ideas: try spelling Camp, Class, Scouts, Love, Sports, hmmm… what else would you add? Birthday would be fun, but probably too long.

Ready to make a LEGO® Photo Frame?

Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Photo Frame – we bought ours at Hobby Lobby. They are $4.99 in the wood crafts aisle.
  • Acrylic paint
  • LEGO® plates (flat bricks) – I used two 6 x 12 plates for each frame.
  • Hot glue gun
  • LEGO® bricks for spelling words

Step 1: Take the back off the frame and remove the glass. Then paint the frame with acrylic paint. We did not paint the backs of our frames, just the front and sides.

Step 2: Use a ruler and pencil to mark where the LEGO® plates will go. I made a few marks to establish a straight line across the bottom.

TIP: If you attach your plates to each other with a brick before gluing them down, and then glue them as one unit, this will ensure proper spacing so that you can build on them easily!

Step 3: Glue the plates on the frame with a generous amount of hot glue.

I have switched around the words on our frames several times, and the plates are holding securely. However, if you’d like a more firm hold you can always go with super glue.

Step 4: Build your message with LEGO® bricks and insert a photo in the frame! You can also attach minifigures to the frame. Or just build a design with different colors instead of building words. So many possibilities!

You can glue narrow plates across the top and sides of the frame if you want. Use plates that are 2 studs wide.

Here’s what our frames look like from the back.=

Have fun crafting! Need more LEGO® craft ideas?


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