Use bricks to make LEGO stamped snowflakes!

I absolutely love snowflake art. There are so many ways to design a snowflake! We’ve made snowflakes with toothpicks and marshmallows and Perler bead snowflakes. We’ve also made LEGO snowflakes, which are lots of fun to build.

Today we have an awesome new twist on LEGO snowflake art!

We’re going to show you how to use LEGO bricks and paint to make LEGO stamped snowflakes.

And snowflakes are NOT just for Christmas! It’s so fun to decorate with snowflakes all winter long.

Supplies Needed for LEGO Stamped Snowflakes:

  • LEGO bricks – in your choice of size and shape
  • White paint – either tempera or acrylic
  • Blue paper – origami paper or construction paper
  • Paper plate

Why type of paint should I use for LEGO stamping?

We have stamped with LEGO bricks using ink pads, and this works quite well! You can see our LEGO stamping activity here. For this activity, however, we wanted bright white, and I wasn’t sure that a white stamp pad would be a vibrant enough color.

If you try a white stamp pad, please let me know how it works!

We tried both acrylic and tempera paint, and both work well. I’ll explain the pros and cons.

Acrylic paint is less runny than tempera paint and easier to control. I think it makes slightly neater prints. However a benefit of tempera paint is that it easily washes off hands, clothing, and LEGO bricks. Acrylic paint will not wash off of clothing or off the table, etc.

We DID get all the acrylic paint off our LEGO bricks. I rinsed them with water before the paint had a chance to dry. If the paint does dry before you get to it, you can scrape it off the bricks, but you won’t be able to get it out of the little cracks and crannies.

Our tempera paint prints looked at first like the blue coloring from the paper paper was mixing with the paint to make it light blue. However, it dried just fine. It’s hard to tell the two types of paint apart once they are dry.

Acrylic does dry faster.

What type of paper should I use for LEGO stamping?

We used dark blue 6″ x 6″ origami paper, and it’s PERFECT.

Blue construction paper would also work, but the texture of the origami paper just leads to really neat prints.

Step 1: Gather Your LEGO Bricks

The bricks shown below are great shapes for stamping. I added a brick to any plates that I chose to use so that we would have a “handles” to hang onto.

Step 2: Pour a little paint on a paper plate. Then stamp away!

You’ll want to test out the stamping process a bit before making snowflakes. We found that we could get 1-2 clear stamps before adding more paint to the bricks. It does take a lot of paint for the best prints.

Here are our completed snowflakes:

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Need more winter crafts for kids?

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Try making Pattern Block Snowflakes! This activity combines math and art. There’s a link in the post for printing the pattern block shapes.


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