We have had a broken toddler toy xylophone at our house for several years.  I’ve never thrown it away because it still worked, but it had some sharp broken plastic edges.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to recycle an old xylophone into a wind chime, and I knew we had to do it! I love the sound of wind chimes.  Good ones can be very relaxing.

Here’s what we used to make ours:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Yarn
  • Long bolts
  • Washers
  • Xylophone keys

Make an Upcycled Xylophone Wind Chime

 Tying on all of the items was great practice for Gresham (age 6)!

Make an Upcycled Xylophone Wind ChimeMy husband put some hooks on the ceiling of our covered porch, and we hung them up out there.  I love the sound!  The xylophone pieces really make it sound nice, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good just the bolts and washers sound!  If you don’t have a xylophone, you could also add some bells with the bolts and washers.

Make an Upcycled Xylophone Wind Chime

For more fun with music, check out our mailing tube rainstick craft.  Spring is a good time to make a rainstick, and this one has an excellent sound.

Also, I’ve been collecting ideas for outdoor play on Pinterest.  Come follow me on Pinterest, and check out my outdoor play board!


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  1. Jackie Higgins Apr 1, 2013

    love it-- with the bolts and washers, it could make a good gift for dad or grandpa. My dad loves to sit outside and I bet he'd like a "manly" windchime from the grandsons. thanks. pinned.


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