Make straw rockets! This simple rocket activity kept my crew busy for a long time, and it’s so simple to do! Blow into the straw and launch your rocket. Then do it again and again!

We put these rockets together in about 10 min. The longest part was waiting for the glue gun to heat up!

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Here’s what you’ll need to make one:

  • Straws – we used one regular sized straw and one large straw for each rocket. Many grocery stores carry milkshake straws that are great for the rocket part. Or you can just order large straws on Amazon.
  • Duct tape – we used the narrow 3/4 inch wide kind, but any kind is fine.
  • Craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue

First, cut off a section of the milkshake straw. Cover one end with duct tape. Make sure that it’s totally sealed with no openings for air to escape.

Then cut 3 small triangles out of craft foam. These will be the fins for the rocket.

Hot glue your fins to the base of the straw, and you’re all set! Grab a regular straw for launching the rocket. Ours were bendy straws, which was fun because we could bend up one end to hold the rocket. It will work either way, though. You can either launch the rocket straight up, or blow it forward.

Then it’s time to play! Load your rocket on the end of the straw.

Then give it a firm blow. That’s all there is to it! It goes higher than this – I tried to catch it on the way up because otherwise I couldn’t fit my son and the rocket in the same photo!

Janie is 3, and she was quite impressed with this activity.

For some reason she just had to fling the straw up as she blew, so the rocket ended up going over her head and behind her almost every time. Ha!

Putting the rocket back on the straw provides great fine motor practice for this age group!

Have fun playing!

Here are more simple toys to make:


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  1. best son quotes Jul 7, 2017

    Truly when someone doesn't know afterward its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it happens.

  2. Meems Jul 9, 2017

    Great idea! I'm a grandma who loves doing "boy things" with my granddaughters as well as "girlie things". I had two sons & one daughter. Now my six grandchildren (6 girls & 2 boys) all do everything with me - baking, drawing, acting, dancing,campfire cooking, sewing, carpentry etc. with me when we are together. It's always fun and their parents appreciate the break - and sometimes join it! I love the quick, fun for everybody craft like this for sitting around the table while dinner cooks and looking forward to a fun activity after cleaning up the kitchen together!

    I'll be putting supplies in a box along with your idea. Thanks

  3. Emma Jul 10, 2017

    I figured out how to make these without the wide straws: you can also wrap a piece of paper around a pencil and stick some duckt tape around it to keep it together. I was done in half a minute

  4. Mariette Van Casteren Jul 12, 2017

    Ik heb dit gemaakt met een stukje opgerold karton, vermits ik geen twee maten rietjes had. Verder wat verpakkingsschuim in plaats van faam. Knutselen moet je kunnen doen met wat je thuis hebt. Prima gelukt, een super idee. Mijn kleinzoon vond het leuk.

  5. newintrends Jul 18, 2017

    Your article is very original, I was amazed by you. It contained interesting to see and not boring. Thank you

  6. Peggy Mar 22, 2018

    Your right about the plastic part, but what a great idea. I have been teaching for many years and children should learn deep breathing techniques. Using a straw encourages deep breathing. Kodos to you!

  7. Ajax Apr 10, 2018

    Looks fun, I'll share this with my audience

  8. MY OWN ATELIER Apr 11, 2018

    I've tried it with my children and we've had a great time.
    Thanks for this post.


    Visit MYOWNATELIER and discover a lot of original and easy DIY proposals to do with your kids ... and have a good time!!!

  9. Cindy Jul 8, 2018

    I would love to share this on my blog. Would that be okay?

    1. Sarah Jul 11, 2018

      Hi Cindy! It would be fine to share one photo and a link back to my blog for the instructions. However, please do not share more than one photo or copy and paste the post onto your blog. The photos and text are copyrighted material.

  10. Bridget Schlosser Feb 16, 2020

    Hi! Would other glue work besides hot glue? (Doing it with a group of kids)

  11. Krysta Jul 27, 2020

    This was a great summer afternoon activity. Thank you for the idea and the fun!

  12. Patricia A Heal Oct 7, 2020

    Had a "Blast" making these with the grandchildren. Used the leftovers to make Bigger Rockets. Nothing went to waste!


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