Make learning time fun with these printable math scavenger hunts! These math activities are perfect for early elementary school, or ages 5-7.

Walking around with a clipboard and a pencil is so much fun! There are three scavenger hunts to print: one for measurement, one for shapes, and one for making comparisons.

math scavenger hunts

My kindergartner and second grader really enjoyed these scavenger hunts!

First, there is a shape scavenger hunt. My kindergartner has known how to identify shapes for a long time, but looking for these shapes among real-life objects was a different skill. She was so excited when she discovered something, such as the triangle shaped gel pen box in her room. It also provided great writing practice!

math scavenger hunt with shapes

The comparisons scavenger hunt gives kids the opportunity to compare qualities of real items around the house and decide which one is MORE. Depending on how many you have of the various items (like stuffed animals, ha ha), this will also provide the opportunity to count to large numbers, and to keep track of which items have been counted already (an important skill!).

printable math scavenger hunts

The measurement scavenger hunt is probably best for first and second grade. My second grader loved this! We discussed when to use a ruler and when to use a tape measure. I would also recommend having your child estimate the length before measuring. My son was surprised that his bed was just over 7 feet long!

Ready to print your math scavenger hunts? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can print or save from there.

CLICK HERE: Math Scavenger Hunts

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  1. Felicity Bower Apr 7, 2020

    I love your ideas both for my grandchildren as well as for my learners at school. When we go back these ideas will be a lot of fun when assessing them

  2. Elizabeth Apr 8, 2020

    Love all of these math games! Great real life ideas to keep my kiddos of all ages engaged. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kristina Apr 22, 2020

    I normally only admire, as I'm not very energetic - and find making activities for very my contrary and very competitive children extremely emotionally draining (issues!! - I know!)
    But these I have actually printed out :D Thank you for them!

  4. bryony lovatt Apr 27, 2020

    Hi there, I'm online teaching in New Zealand! Love your website and the activities and my 7 and 8 year old students do too!

  5. Diane Aug 9, 2020

    Thanks so much for these scavenger hunts!! Our district is beginning the year with all virtual and the scavenger hunts will help keep my 1st graders engaged, moving, and practicing some skills. Thanks for making my week a little easier with your generosity and creativity!


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