Use LEGO® bricks to teach math concepts! Here are three clever math activities that are perfect for first grade. I’ll describe the activities, and then you can find a link at the bottom of the post to download and print the pages.

(Also, I know I’ve done lots of first grade stuff lately, and I’m planning to add more variety soon! Since I have a first grader right now, it’s working well to make things for him.)

Activity #1: LEGO Measurement

Use 2 x 2 bricks to measure the length of all kinds of objects. Kids will estimate how many bricks long something is, and then build a tower to measure the object and find out.

The page has spaces to measure a shoe, an apple or banana, a chapter book, a water bottle, a stuffed animal, and the child’s choice of object.

This activity provides a great opportunity to count to larger numbers. Jonathan’s water bottle was 28 bricks high! It’s also great for estimation and general number sense.

Activity #2: Number Bonds

Print the number bonds addition mat and the number cards. There are cards with the numbers 5 to 18. Kids can choose a number card to place at the top of the page. Then they will build addition sentences that make that number. How many ways can you make 8? Or 14?

I laminated our mat so that Jonathan can write his number sentences with a dry erase marker. When he’s done, he can erase, choose a different number card, and create more addition sentences.

Activity #3: Find the Missing Addend

5 + what number + 12? How can we figure it out?

LEGO® bricks make it easy to solve a math problem with a missing addend. Have kids build two towers – one each for the numbers that are known. Then they can compare them to find the missing addend. How much more is needed to add to the tower with 5 bricks so that it equals 12 bricks? Count and find out!

Ready to print your LEGO® First Grade Math Pack?

Click the link below, and the file will open automatically. You can print from there.

CLICK HERE: First Grade Math with LEGO® Bricks Printable Pack

Need more math ideas?

LEGO Math Challenge Cards – Free. Perfect for first and second grade.

LEGO Multiplication – Free. Hands-on multiplication game with LEGO bricks!

Superhero First Grade Math Printable Pack – 30 pages of superhero themed math activities for only $5.00!


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  1. Elle May 16, 2022

    Thanks for these great resources Sarah! I home school my 3 boys who are all mad about Lego and I often come back to your website for new ideas. Much appreciated!


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