Here’s a multiplication game that will make practicing those math facts a lot more FUN!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine have not especially loved learning their multiplication facts.  Back in the fall (when it was football season) we made an addition and subtraction baseball game.  Unfortunately, the game didn’t work with multiplication facts.  A couple of readers commented that football might work better with multiplication.  Well, now that it’s baseball season, here we are trying the football version. (We’re kind of mixed up!)

Multiplication Football Game - Make Math Practice Fun!

The playing field is extremely simple to make.

I used a poster board and drew a line 1.5 inches from the end on each side to mark off the end zones.  That left me with 25 inches for the playing field.  I marked off one “yard” every quarter inch.

To make the game work, I labeled each side of the playing field all the way up to 100 rather than having a 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard line on both sides.

Multiplication Football Game for Practicing Math Facts

Gresham built a LEGO football, and Owen built the goal posts.

You will also need two 12 sided math dice (affiliate link).

Multiplication Football Math Game

How to Play the Game:

  • Each player gets four rolls to try to get a touchdown.  Start with the ball on the 0 yard line.  Roll the dice and then find the product of the two numbers.  Move the ball that number of yards.
  • The player does not have to land exactly on the end zone to get a touch down.  Any number that gets him past the end zone is fine.

Multiplication Football Math Game

  • If the player does not get a touchdown in four rolls, they can kick a field goal by rolling the dice again.  A successful field goal is rolling doubles of any number.
  • Touchdowns are 7 points and field goals are 3. (If you want to add another condition for the extra point, leave a comment telling us what you decided to do!)
  • Choose a time limit for the game (10 minutes, for example) or play until someone gets to 40.  Or 50.

Multiplication Football Math Game for Kids

This game is fun enough that the boys have been playing it during their free time!  This is awesome because Gresham needed the practice, and we have found a few facts that Aidan was not really solid on (the 12’s, ahem…).  Win-win!

Be sure to check out our Math Facts Baseball Game – perfect for practicing addition and subtraction!

Multiplication Football Math Game for Kids!


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  1. Stephanie Rubin May 14, 2016

    These are such great ideas...thank you!

  2. Mr. R. Jan 3, 2017

    Can you make a pdf of the field so I can print it out and use it in my classroom?

  3. Jeanne Willard Jan 7, 2017

    To add another element of fun, the extra point could be earned with an old fashion paper field goal kick (folded paper triangle thumped through the opponents hand-formed goal). Another way could be like shuffle board. They get 1 attempt to slide their football into the end zone.

  4. Jennifer Sep 10, 2017

    Great idea! This is perfect for fall!

  5. samantha mccracken Mar 19, 2019

    Hello - where is the downloadable link?

  6. DK Oct 29, 2019

    Do you have a printable/pdf of the field and if so, would you be willing to share it? Thanks!

    1. Sarah Oct 30, 2019

      I don't! Sorry about that!

  7. D Owens Feb 22, 2020

    Great idea! You could also add an integer dice to make the dice roll positive gain or loss of yards.

  8. Kerrie Mar 5, 2021

    We loved this game! We played with the following rule modifications:
    -1 pt conversion after TD: if both dice are 6 & up
    -2 pt conversation after TD: if dice roll doubles
    -3 pt FG made if 4th roll not resulting in a TD had both dice 5 & below

    1. Sarah Mar 9, 2021

      Those are great ideas!!


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