Cheer up a dreary winter day with this colorful paper snowflake project!  Paper snowflakes are even more fun in bright colors.  We used a pack of origami paper, which was perfect.  The paper is just the right thickness for easy cutting, it’s already in a square shape, and the colors look great together.

It would be fun to make these snowflakes as a collaborative art project!  Have everyone make one or two (or more!) and them combine them into a large work of art.

Each snowflake is cut from one piece of origami paper and then mounted on another. It’s so fun to combine the colors in different ways!

Since the paper is thin (ish), it can tear easily while gluing. We used glue sticks for ours with no problem, but it was me gluing them along with our 9 year old.  For younger kids, I would try Elmer’s glue (white school glue) with Q-tips for spreading the glue. That would provide less resistance and keep the paper from tearing.

I have step-by-step instructions in our post on awesome paper snowflakes on how to fold the paper so that you get six sided snowflakes (or they actually have 12 points, depending on how you cut them).

We taped our best snowflakes to a piece of poster board to make this colorful display!  So cheerful for a cloudy winter day.

Want more snowflake craft ideas?


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