This spring craft for kids is so simple and fun! Make your own paper plate duck pond. The ducks really swim around the pond when you move a magnet under the plate!

Spring is here, and we are so happy about it! Spring is a great time to learn about pond life, ducks, frogs, and all those fun things. We love watching all the ducks and ducklings at our neighborhood pond! Here’s a fun duck pond craft to make, and all you’ll need is a paper plate and some basic supplies. Print the ducks from the bottom of the post!

Spring craft for kids! Make a duck pond.

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I would recommend this craft for kids ages 3 to 7. Kids will be able to do so much of this themselves! Preschoolers of any age can paint the plate blue, and cutting out the grass provides great scissor practice. The grass doesn’t have to be even, so it’s a great time to just let them cut.

The ducks have a paper clip attached to them so that kids can make them swim around the pond by moving a magnetic wand underneath. So much fun!

Want to see the ducks swim? This video also shows how to assemble the ducks.

Jonathan colored his ducks to look like mallard ducks.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper Plates – we used Chinet brand because the texture allow the paint to adhere well
  • Blue paint – acrylic or tempera
  • Green craft foam or green construction paper
  • Glue
  • Medium sized paper clips
  • Scissors
  • Small stones (optional)
  • Duck template – print it at the bottom of the post
  • Magnetic Wand

Step 1: Paint your plate blue. You’ll want kids to paint the bottom of the plate and a little bit on the sides. It doesn’t have to be neat, but if they go up too far on the sides, the blue will show on the other side of the grass.

Step 2: Cut out the grass.

We used craft foam, but green construction paper would also be great. If you cut a section from the edge of one of your paper plates, it makes a great guide for cutting out the grass. You’ll want your strips of grass to be rounded so that they lay neatly against the paper plate.

I traced this paper plate segment, but made it slightly taller.

Here are the finished grass sections. I made one to use as a pattern, and then cut three for each pond. I think it’s an optical illusion that they don’t appear to be the same shape – in real life, they are exactly the same!

Then the kids cut the blades of grass. I showed them how to cut downward and then reposition the scissors and cut down again to take out small triangles and leave behind the blades of grass. So good for fine motor development.

Step 3: Glue the grass to the sides of the plate.

I used hot glue, but if you want kids to do it themselves you can totally use Elmer’s glue or Tacky glue.

Step 4: Add small pebbles to the edges of your pond, if desired. This is not a necessary step, but it really makes the pond look cute!

Step 5: Assemble the paper ducks. Print the template below. I used card stock, but regular paper will work also. I have both yellow ducks and blank ducks that kids can color themselves. Jonathan wanted a blank version so that he could color his ducks to be mallards. So cute!

Cut out the ducks, and you’ll need to cut their legs off. (Sorry, ducks!)

Bend a paper clip so that it makes a 90 degree angle.

Tape the small end of the paper clip to one of the ducks. Then use a glue stick to attach the two ducks with the printed sides of the paper facing out.

Then it’s time to let the ducks swim in their new pond! Hold a magnet wand under the plate and move it around to make the ducks swim. If you have trouble with your ducks falling over, you may need to adjust the paper clips a little bit to make sure the ducks sit flat.

Ready to print your ducks? Click the link below. The file will open and you can print from there.

CLICK HERE: Printable Ducks

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    Love this idea will do this with the
    hungry caterpillar

  2. Rachel Young Aug 16, 2019

    Thanks so much for sharing this idea my toddler loves it and her older kids who are coming round later to do crafts are going to too!! Its great that it's easily made and also interactive and a bit different :) thanks so much for sharing xx


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