Upcycle toilet paper rolls into adorable pumpkins with cute jack o’lantern faces! This easy fall craft will make kids smile, and you can make these with supplies you have on hand.

I love to find crafts that kids can put their own spin on. This project is fun because kids can draw their pumpkin’s face however they like! There are so many ways to make fun or scary expressions.

Supplies Needed for Paper Roll Pumpkins:

  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Orange paint – I’d recommend acrylic
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • A black Sharpie
  • Hot glue

Step 1: Cut your toilet paper rolls in half and paint them orange.

If you’re using paper towel rolls, just cut them into segments. It’s fun if your pumpkins aren’t all the same size, so there’s no need to measure or be exact.

Step 2: After the paint is dry, draw pumpkin faces with a pencil. Then go over it with Sharpie.

I HIGHLY recommend drawing the face with a pencil first! Using a Sharpie first almost guarantees a mistake, haha.

This project is fun for all ages. My 6 year old could draw her own faces, and my 13 year old had fun experimenting with different sketches before settling on some fun jack o’ lantern faces to make.

Step 3: Use a little bit of hot glue to attach a pipe cleaner stem.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil to give it a curl. I glued each stem to the inside of the front of each pumpkin.

Then sit back and admire your cute little pumpkins! Use these to decorate a windowsill or mantle.

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