These superhero writing worksheets are the perfect way to provide extra writing practice for first and second graders! Fun and exciting story prompts make it easy for kids to think of what to write.

As I’m writing this post, kids around the world have been out of school for an unprecedented amount of time. I know that many you parents are concerned about the upcoming “summer slide” on top of the loss of a good chunk of the school year!

Well, good news. Helping your child improve their writing skills does not have to be difficult or complicated! Simply providing opportunities for writing practice on a consistent basis is very valuable. You can work with them to edit spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes organically through the stories they write.

I don’t necessarily recommend correcting EVERYTHING your child writes, especially over the summer when we all just need a break. But if you can plan to edit about half of what they write, they’ll learn some valuable skills.

There are 9 different writing worksheets to print, and I also included an extra blank page with lines in case kids need more writing space. Print as many of those as you need.

My second grader LOVED these writing worksheets, and I hope that they will be useful for you as well!

Create a superhero unit! Add some books, crafts, and activities – I’ll share some ideas below.

We found a Marvel Origin Stories book at Half Price Books in the clearance section, and my 8 year old has been enjoying it so much!

Ready to print your Superhero Writing Worksheets? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can print from there.

CLICK HERE: Superhero Writing Worksheets

Need more superhero ideas?

Print 8 LEGO Superhero Building Cards

Make some Pipe Cleaner Superheroes – one of our FAVORITE crafts!

We’ve also got a 20-page Superhero Math Pack for first graders.


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  1. amelia May 13, 2020

    Hi Sarah, i can't thank you enough for all the kids activities you share.... my grandkids love them! and thier moms love keeping them busy with your active and creative ideas!!! BE Blessed!!!

  2. Barb May 13, 2020

    ordered the Lego book you mentioned in the blog Sunday. My boys are so excited and ready to build! Thank you, glad I found you!


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