When the weather is nice and no one feels like working, take learning OUTSIDE with these fun sidewalk chalk math games! Practice number sequence, skip counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and more.

These math games are perfect for ages 5-8, and I hope that you’ll be able to customize any of the ideas for the level that you need. I also hope that these games will provide a springboard for more ways to practice the math skills your child is currently working on. Basically, you can take anything from a math book and do it with chalk. Anything is more fun with sidewalk chalk, ha!

Skip Counting Number Line

Draw a big number line with the numbers 1-20, or higher! I used boxes and put a number in each box.

There are so many ways to use this number line!

  • Count forward, jumping on each square and saying the numbers.
  • Count backward. Jumping on the squares and seeing the numbers makes it easier for young kids to count backward from 20 to 1.
  • Skip count by 2’s and 3’s. Jump on the correct squares and say the numbers! With bigger kids, you may be able to safely count by 4’s, but it just depends on how far they can jump.

Addition or Multiplication Boxes

Draw a grid, and draw the sign of the operation you’d like to practice in the top left corner (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Then write numbers across the top and along the left side.

Kids will add (subtract/multiply/divide) across the grid!

This works well with multiplication also. I like the patterns that emerge when you do multiplication. In the photo below, the top row is 2 x 2, 2 x 3, 2 x 4, and 2 x 5.

You don’t HAVE to write the numbers in numerical sequence, but if you do, it will create some nice patterns!

Greater Than/Less Than Obstacle Course

This is a fun one! Draw an obstacle course with several pairs of “stepping stones.” In each pair, write one larger number and one smaller number. Then ask your child to hop through the obstacle course, jumping on the greater number in each pair.

Then you can do it again, hopping on the “less than” numbers.


This was one of my kids’ favorites. It’s so simple… but it’s fun because you can make your patterns so big and long on the sidewalk! It’s also fun to choose which colors and shapes you want to use.

Fill in the Fraction

This activity was Jonathan’s suggestion (2nd grade). He really enjoys fractions!

I drew several circles, and underneath the circle I wrote the fraction that I wanted him to fill in. He had a great time coloring them in!

I purposefully made some of the reactions equivalent, like 1/2, 2/4, and 3/6. We talked about the fact that they were all equal to 1/2.

Water Gun Subtraction

This game is a fun way to make subtraction very visual and concrete. First, write a subtraction sentence on the sidewalk. Then draw a corresponding number of chalk circles.

Now it’s time to subtract! Use a water gun to wash away the amount of circles that are being taken away. It’s easy to see how many are left!

Fill in the correct solution to the number sentence with chalk.

What Comes Next?

Finally, here’s another game for kids who are learning number sequence. Draw a chalk grid. Fill in two numbers in sequence, and leave the third open for you child to fill in.

You can also make a larger grid and create a pattern. For example, write the pattern 5, 10, 15, and have your child fill in what comes next.

Have fun practicing math outside! Hopefully these games will make math time more fun!

Need more learning ideas?

Print these Math Scavenger Hunts! There are three – one with measurement, one with shapes, and one with comparisons. Great for 6-8 year olds!

Here’s another fun math activity for early elementary – Muffin Tin Coin Counting. This can be easily customized for the level you need.


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  1. Sharice May 24, 2020

    I literally just found your site tonight and i have been going through your different projects/activities for the last hour, taking lots of notes. These are fantastic ideas for use with sidewalk chalk and my 7-year old son loves math so these ideas are perfect for him. Im el so excited to try your egg carton turtles with my kids soon too :) I’m really glad there are creative people like you to help out the non-creative people like me!

  2. Lee manley May 26, 2020

    love the games for students.

  3. Karyn May 26, 2020

    I love all your ideas!!
    I have been passing them on to my friends too!

  4. Cecylia Aug 27, 2020

    I praise God for you! You reflect God’s creativity so marvellously.

  5. Lincy Apr 6, 2021

    Thanks for your ideas:) So funny and colored!

  6. Jenjo Games Apr 6, 2021

    These are some really great ideas and would be so much fun for kids. It would not only help kids to learn but also would help them to enhance their creativity. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dawn Apr 6, 2021

    Love these simple chalk math ideas to do outdoors.
    Thank you

  8. Madeline Jun 16, 2021

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the bubble pop boards? The ones I see on line only have 7 in a row


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