As I shared a few weeks ago, we are getting back to a regular chore routine at our house! I have a master plan of what I want to accomplish with chores. It’s a chart for each child with daily tasks to complete. However, in reality, we are just focusing on one new area at a time! For the past week, we have been working on cleaning up after lunch.

The jobs are:

  • Aidan loads the dishwasher
  • Gresham sweeps the floor
  • Owen helps Mom put away food
I saw this idea on Pinterest for using masking tape to make a “goal” for sweeping the floor. I had been working with Gresham off and on for the past few months on sweeping, and he really hadn’t gotten much better. Well, the masking tape has been helping him tremendously! Our square has been on the tile for more than a week, and while it’s not my first choice in kitchen decor, Gresham has been happily doing his sweeping job every day! Something about the tape makes the concept of creating a “pile” more concrete. Eventually, we’ll need to switch to making multiple piles around our large kitchen and eating area, but for now, it’s working!
It’s amazing how fast the lunch clean-up goes now that everyone is getting better at their individual jobs!
I would love to give credit to the person who came up with this idea – but the original Pinterest pin goes to a photo in someone’s photobucket account and not a blog post! It was a great idea!


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  1. jackie Dec 29, 2012

    Ok. This is BRILLIANT! Of course. Give any kid a target and you're going to have some success! Love it.

  2. Tish Feb 6, 2013

    Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Billy Ayala Sep 28, 2018

    My kids love to sweep, so much so that we did buy a child-size broom, which is a great investment. I love the idea of having it be a sort of game with the tape square!

    Since we have a lot of carpet, we also invested in a carpet sweeper. The vacuum’s too loud and heavy, but a mechanical carpet sweeper is both fun for kids and useful.


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