I started Frugal Fun for Boys in August of 2010, and since that time, I have had 5,300 visitors from 80 different countries!  This post on cleaning boy bathrooms has received the most number of page views.  Hmm, I wonder why?

Here are my favorite posts from 2010:

A fun magic trick that elementary aged boys would enjoy performing!

A tried and true preschool favorite – digging in pinto beans!

Thoughts on boys and weapons

And boys are not a burden!

Cup stacking – another activity that has proved to be a favorite!

And finally, a Bible lesson involving actual fire!

Lots of visitors find us from google searches. The most funny keyword searches have been “boys have too much energy,” “fun fighting boys” (what are those exactly?), “life boy cleaner,” and “puppy frugal or not” (I’d go with not frugal.  Definitely not.)

Thanks to all of you for reading!  I’m sure that my houseful of boys will provide me with plenty of blogging material for 2011!


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