If you’re looking for a building challenge for your LEGO club or just something fun to do on a rainy day, creating LEGO self portraits is just the thing! It’s so fun to make yourself in brick form. We’ll show you three ways to build a LEGO self portrait.

This is another one of those LEGO challenges that really works with whatever bricks kids have!

LEGO Self Portrait #1: Build yourself as a LEGO mosaic.

It would be super fun to make these with a group or class and then put the finished self portraits on display.

Kids can create various skin tones with different color bricks. LEGO has SO many colors now! There are at least 4 shades of tan and brown.

Start with a 32 x 32 baseplate and basic bricks in various colors. If you don’t have 32 x 32 plates, you can use the 16 x 16 ones. However, the designs won’t be as detailed.

We chose to make our noses stand out from the mosaic by using plates. That seemed to look better than trying to outline the nose in black. Kids can choose whatever design they want, however!

The picture below is a mosaic I built to look like my son Jonathan. He has blue glasses and wears his cowboy hat all the time!

LEGO Self Portrait #2: Make a LEGO Minifigure that Looks Like You!

There are so many different minifigure faces, hair, and clothing options now! It’s so fun to build yourself as a minifigure. If you have a LEGO store nearby, that’s a great place to find minifigure parts.

The minifigure below is me! It’s almost just like me. My hair curls under instead of flipping out, but the red color is correct. Then I also have glasses and play the violin, and I love to wear cable sweaters!

The sweater came from the LEGO City Horse Transporter set. I traded Jonathan for the sweater as soon as he opened the set! He’s had this set for awhile, but we actually bought a real horse this summer, and he looks just like the horse in this set! Our horse is a sorrel but has one white sock and one white pastern, unlike the LEGO horse. Jonathan wants to paint the LEGO horse’s feet but I haven’t let him yet!

Here’s Jonathan’s minifigure, and of course he’s riding his horse Little Man.

So many options for minifigures!

If you want to use different skin tones, LEGO does have minifigures with light and dark skin. We have the most minifigures with yellow heads. Our natural skin tone minifigures (both light and dark) have come from sets like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jurassic World.

It would be fun to create a LEGO version of your whole family!

LEGO Self Portrait #3: Build Yourself as a 3D LEGO Person

Owen built some 3D LEGO people with jointed arms. These are so much fun, and you can pose them!

He has used a similar design for his Star Wars LEGO Characters and Marvel LEGO Characters, but these are a little taller and more realistic.

Owen built himself playing basketball.

Here’s a look at how he built the head. The eyes are attached to bricks with a stud on the side, and the nose is attached to a 1 x 1 headlight brick.

I tried making a girl version. The hair was a little tricky, so maybe you’ll come up with a better design!

Have fun building LEGO self portraits!!


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