Cat lovers of all ages will have a blast with this toilet paper roll cat craft!

Create adorable cats that are fun to play with. Kids can make one that matches their pet cat, or make any color they want.

These toilet paper roll cats go well with our toilet paper roll dog craft!

Also, if you prefer not to use toilet paper rolls, you can use paper towel rolls and cut them to the right length. Another option is to buy cardboard tubes that are made specifically for crafting. You can find these at most craft stores in the kids crafts aisle.

The finished cats are so cute and make great homemade toys! It’s the perfect activity for a summer camp or a rainy day at home.

Supplies Needed for Toilet Paper Roll Cats:

  • Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)
  • Paint – we used acrylic
  • Googly eyes
  • Pink felt or pink construction paper for noses
  • Pipe cleaners for the tails
  • Hot glue, Tacky Glue, or another craft glue
  • Black and white paint pens

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Cats:

Start by making the cat shape. Fold down the top of the toilet paper roll as shown. This is the same procedure as our toilet paper roll owl craft!

We did not glue down the flaps, but you certainly can if you want.

Next, paint the body of your cat. You can stick with classic cat colors like gray, white, orange, and black, or you can make colorful cats with purple, green, or pink!

Let the paint dry.

Then start decorating your cat! First, glue on googly eyes. After the eyes are in place, cut out a nose from pink construction paper or felt and glue it on. We used hot glue (low temp gun) for everything, but a craft glue such as Tacky Glue would also work well.

We used a black paint pen to draw the mouth and legs. If you’re making black cats, you’ll need a white paint pen in order for the lines to be visible.

Give your cat stripes if you want! We found that it works best to paint on the stripes after you have made the face.

The final step is to add the tail. We bent a pipe cleaner in half to make the tail. This makes it a little thicker, and also makes it round at the end of the tail instead of thin and sharp from the pipe cleaner end.

Glue the tail to the back of the cat.

Then your adorable cat is finished!

Here’s a view from the side so that you can see how we drew the legs.

We made a little ball of yarn for our finished cats! Janie thought it was so cute. She loves playing with her cats!

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Make some Toilet Paper Roll Dogs to go with your cat craft. Make them any color you want!

These Toilet Paper Roll Owls are my favorite. SO CUTE.

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