Everyone loves those little candy conversation hearts! Well actually they don’t taste very good at all, but something about those little hearts makes it feel like Valentine’s Day!  Here’s a quick Valentine’s Day activity that kids will love!  Make conversation hearts with play dough.  It’s a lot of fun and you can sneak in some literacy learning too!

Valentine's Day Activity - Conversation Hearts Play Dough

We used our favorite homemade play dough recipe, and I colored it pink, purple, and turquoise.  Then I just added some heart cookie cutters and our Melissa and Doug alphabet stamps (affiliate link).

Conversation Hearts Play Dough

I made cards with fun Valentines phrases to stamp.  Jonathan is really into spelling words, although he is still learning the alphabet and really doesn’t know how to spell anything!  So copying the words was fun for him, and it was really more about letter recognition than about spelling.

Conversations Hearts Play Dough

All of the kids enjoyed this, even a couple of the big ones!  Some people made nice Valentines hearts…

Conversation Hearts Play Dough

…while others put their own spin on it!  (Boys!)

Conversation Hearts Play Dough

We also did a little fine motor practice with beads, play dough, and bamboo skewers.  I found the beads at Hobby Lobby in the Valentines section.  The bag contains heart beads and regular beads in various shades of pink and red.

Valentines Day Play Dough Activities

It was great fun until Janie randomly pulled all her skewers out of the play dough at the same time and the beads went everywhere!  So watch out for that!

Valentine's Day Play Dough Activities

Have a great Valentine’s Day!  Need more Valentines ideas?

Conversation Hearts Play Dough - Valentine's Day Activity for Kids


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