Some simple Valentine’s Day decor makes the middle of winter seem so much more cheerful! Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day craft that will brighten things right up. Use colorful scrapbook paper to make beautiful hearts and flowers that can be displayed in a simple glass vase!

This craft is fun for a wide variety of ages – kids through adults. They would be perfect to make as gifts for teachers, friends, or residents at a local nursing home. Who do you know that could use a cheerful gift?

These paper hearts and flowers are so easy to make. Just grab a few simple supplies, and you’re ready to get started!

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper – we used scrapbook paper, but you can also use construction paper or colored copy paper. If you don’t have decorated paper, try having kids draw their own tiny hearts and polka dots on the paper.
  • Buttons – I got the wood buttons at Walmart
  • Glue – a glue stick or Elmer’s/PVA glue as well as hot glue
  • Lollypop sticks and/or bamboo skewers for stems
  • Red ribbon
  • Small jars
  • Clear vase filler marbles – we used the ones that are kind of flat

I really liked having two types of stems, for variety. We used red lollypop stick from Hobby Lobby and also painted some bamboo skewers pink.

The cute little jars also came from Hobby Lobby.

Make Your Patterns

Make some heart and flower patterns, and then start cutting things out! I did not make printable patterns this time, as these are quite easy. I folded a piece of paper in half and cut along the fold to make the heart patterns.

It’s fun to cut hearts in small, medium, and large sizes so that you can overlap different sizes and different colors of paper.

To make the flower pattern, trace a plastic lid or something similar. Then draw petals around the edge and cut it out.

How to Make 3D Flowers

Our clever babysitter made these 3D flowers! Here’s how to do it. Cut a strip of paper, and cut scallops on one side as shown.

Then fold the paper back and forth, accordion style.

Bring the two ends together so that the paper makes a circle. Then glue the ends together with hot glue.

Use hot glue to attach a button to the center of the flower, and then glue a stem to the back.

So sweet! It’s fun to experiment with different color and pattern combinations.

Fill your jars with a variety of colors and shapes. The clear glass vase filler gems help the flower stems to stand up nicely.

The buffalo plaid paper really added so much! I love the contrast of the black and white with the pinks and reds.

So fun and cheerful!

Need more Valentine’s Day ideas?

Have fun crafting!


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