So, this is not the type of thing that I usually post, but I’m really excited to show you my new wooden tiered tray! This may be a fun idea for those of you who, like me, are not particularly good at home decor. I can do all kinds of kids’ crafts, but home decor is definitely not my strong point. It started with never having any money to spend on stuff that like – cute seasonal decorations were definitely an “extra” that we chose to skip for many years of our marriage. However, I’m trying to get better at making the different seasons special!

Back in December, I was at my church’s women’s Christmas dinner. Every year, volunteers decorate the tables, each using their own decorations from home. It’s always so fun to see all the different tables! One of my friends decorated her table with this lovely wood tray, and I knew that I NEEDED one of those for my house! Ha!

My friend had purchased her tray from Wayfair, but they were sold out at the time. I did a quick search on Pinterest to see if I could find a similar tray, and I discovered that tiered tray decor is a THING! I found tons of pins of the same wooden tray decorated for all seasons. SO FUN!

Tiered tray decor is decorating with pre-set parameters. Instead of thinking, “Where do I start with spring decorating? Do I need a bunting for the mantle? What even IS a bunting?”, I can collect little items to fill the space on my tray. And then if I want to do other seasonal decorating, I can. But this is an easy place to start!

It’s kind of like building a collage. And the little items that you put on the tray can be picked up very inexpensively.

This is the stand that I ordered from Wayfair. Right now it’s out of stock again, but they have other similar options.

Here’s what’s on my tray:

  • Paper Flowers – we made these for the blog. There are three little vases of paper flowers on there.
  • A heart dish with chocolate candy – I found the heart dish at Home Goods for $2.99.
  • Wooden buffalo plaid heart – from Hobby Lobby. $1.50 I think?
  • Retro Valentines – from Hobby Lobby. They stand up on their own. Also $1.50 each.
  • Little coffee container – from Hobby Lobby in their “farmhouse decor” aisle.
  • Glass jar full of candy hearts.
  • Pink roses in a tin pail – I bought the roses and the tin pail at Hobby Lobby and put it together myself. There is floral foam in the bottom of the pail.
  • Two pre-made potted fake plants from Hobby Lobby – roses with a babies’ breath type of thing, and a green plant.

I’ll be able to use some of these items for other seasons too!

The little roses with burlap just make the tray look so good! I can’t remember how much these were, but it was less than $5.

I’m looking forward to collecting spring and Easter items to put on the tray next! We have it on our kitchen table, but it looks great on the kitchen counter as well. 🙂


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