I love the cozy feeling of homemade Christmas ornaments! I told my 10 year old that I wanted to come up with some new ornaments this year, and after a few minutes with our craft tub, he came up with the button Santa hat ornament. So cute! So that inspired us to create the rest. Right now we have them displayed on a mini Christmas tree that I bought at Target, which looks pretty adorable. We might move them to the big tree when we set it up (AFTER Thanksgiving!) or we might just leave them where they are!

I bought my wood slice ornaments at Hobby Lobby in the wood crafts section, not the Christmas section. This is something that they carry year round.

Christmas Tree Ornament

For this one, you’ll need Christmas ribbon, yellow felt, brown felt, and buttons.

Simply cut pieces of ribbon to make the tree and hot glue them on! We like to use a low-temp hot glue gun, or you could use a craft glue such as Tacky Glue with younger kids.

Cut a star out of felt (probably an adult job) and find some buttons to use as ornaments. Sequins would also work well.

AHH! SO cute!

Button Santa Hat

This one is simple! Just glue on buttons for the hat. The trim for the hat is a piece of white pipe cleaner.

If you don’t have buttons, try making the Santa hat our of red felt.


For this one, paint the wood slice with blue acrylic paint and let it dry. Then paint the snowflake design in white.

Candy Cane

Make the candy cane by threading red and white pony beads onto a pipe cleaner. I found it easiest to bend the pipe cleaner into the candy cane shape first and then trim off the ends.

Keep the beads from falling off by putting a little glue on each end of the pipe cleaner after it’s trimmed. Then glue the candy cane to the wood slice. I added some snowflake confetti as well.

We made a second tree with a different color of Christmas ribbon, and I think they all look very cute together! Great gifts for kids to make and give.

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  1. Gwen Dec 3, 2017

    What size wood slice did you use? Thanks


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