Lego Math: How Many Legos Does it Weigh?

Lego Math:  How many Legos does it weigh?

Yesterday Gresham and I had so much fun with Legos and math!  We made a balance using a clothes hanger (I saw the idea on Kids Activities Blog), but instead of using plastic cups to weigh items, we used Duplo Legos!  This was a great way to explore standard units of weight, estimating, making a chart, and the concept of equal or not equal.

We decided that in order to standardize our results, we would only use “big” blocks and “little” blocks and not other shapes.

Lego Math:  How many Legos does it weigh?

I tied some yarn to a “gate” looking Duplo piece, and that way we could stick that piece onto the blocks and not have to re-tie the yarn every time.

It was fun to weigh a variety of things – some heavy and some light.  We made a chart, and Gresham wrote down each item and then made a guess as to how many Legos it would weigh.

Lego Math:  How many Legos does it weigh?

The sandal was heavier than Gresham thought it would be.  It was so fun to see his brain at work with throughout this activity.  I would ask him what we needed to do to make the balance equal, and he would say, “I think I need to add two more Legos!”

Math with Legos:  How many Legos does it weigh?

We weighed scissors, a roll of scotch tape, a roll of masking tape, a sandal, and a stuffed animal.  I’m planning to do this again and have Gresham choose different items.  I think that Owen (age 3) would do pretty well with this too, and for him it would be a great way to work on counting.

Here is the chart that Gresham made to record his data:

Math with Legos:  How many Legos does it weigh?

Gresham is doing first grade math.  He turned 6 in October, so he would be in kindergarten if he were in public school.  I’m trying to focus on a lot of hands-on math practice for him this semester.  We’re working on telling time, making graphs, counting coins, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and memorizing the addition facts.

For more hands-on math ideas, you might like our even and odd numbers activity and our games for practicing addition facts.

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