How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

How to make duct tape wallets

We’ve been really into duct tape at our house lately!  First it was velcro duct tape bracelets, and now Aidan and I have moved on to duct tape wallets.  There are a lot of tutorials out there for duct tape wallets, but I thought I would go ahead and share ours since summer break is on the horizon!  Both the bracelets and the wallets would make great summer crafts for either boys or girls.

For our wallets, we used a tutorial from Crafty Nest.

We were so excited to find Superman, Mario, and Angry Birds duct tape at Target!  By the way, Walmart has more selection of duct tape, and their prices are lower for the plain colors – $3.37 at our store!  The prices were the same for the character duct tape ($5.99), at least at our location.  Amazon has Angry Birds for $5.50 (Amazon Affiliate link), so that’s another option.  Also, I will say that the Superman duct tape (made by Scotch) was not the same quality as Duck brand tape.  I won’t buy Scotch again.

These wallets would be a great project for age 8+ with help, depending on the child.  Aidan (9.5) made one mostly on his own, but it was a little tricky to get the tape straight.  He wasn’t frustrated, though, and thought it was a great project.  He has been showing off his wallet to everyone!

How to make duct tape wallets

 To make the wallets, you will need:

  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • A utility knife
  • A cutting board, or thick cardboard to cut on
  • A library card or credit card for sizing

Step 1:  Build the main body of the wallet.

First, tear off 4 strips of duct tape that are 9 inches long.  Layer them sticky side up with 1/2 inch of overlap between each piece.

How to make duct tape wallets

 Then, tear off 4 more strips the same length.  Stick these to the sheet you just made, but start about 1/2 inch down from the top.  That way, you will stagger the overlapping sections and not make the duct tape too thick to fold.

I chose to use a print for the outside of the wallet and a solid for the inside to save a little money.

How to make duct tape walletsFold the edges over.  Then, use your utility knife to trim both ends of the sheet.  Your finished width should be 8.5 inches, and it should be about 6 inches tall.

How to make a duct tape wallet

How to make a duct tape walletStep 2:  Make one large credit card pocket

Tear off two 5 inch strips and layer them.  Then, stick two more 5 inch strips to the back and fold over the edges following the same procedure as the main body of the wallet.  Trim the edges with the utility knife and ruler so that this pocket measures 4 inches wide.

How to make a duct tape walletStep 3:  Make two smaller credit card pockets.

Tear off two 9 inch strips of duct tape, and stick them back-to-back.  Cut this piece into two pieces that are each 4 inches wide.

How to make a duct tape walletTear a strip of duct tape in half lengthwise to make trim for the top of these pockets.  Fold the trim over the top of the pockets and trim off the extra.

How to make a duct tape walletStep 4:  Assemble the pockets

Lay the three pockets on top of each other, with the largest pocket on the bottom.  The middle pocket won’t go all the way down to the bottom, and that’s okay.

Use a strip of tape torn in half lengthwise to attach them.

How to make a duct tape wallet

Use your credit card or library card to make sure that you have enough room in the pockets!  You will probably need to have more of the tape hanging over onto the other side – it won’t be divided evenly.

How to make a duct tape walletStep 5:  Assemble the wallet

Lay out your main fabric with the side UP that you want to be on the OUTSIDE of the wallet.

Attach the credit card pockets to the upper right with a 9 inch strip of duct tape torn in half lengthwise.

How to make a duct tape wallet

Then, fold the wallet in half and secure the ends with strips of tape that have been torn in half lengthwise.  Trim off the extra.

How to make a duct tape wallet

Add a final strip of tape across the bottom of the wallet, and you’re done!

You can also add a clear window for a driver’s license or ID.  We didn’t do that since these wallets are for young kids, but check out this post at Crafty Nest for details on how to add the ID window.  This post also has more detailed instructions if you need more clarity.

How to make a duct tape wallet


At first, the wallets just want to stay open, but ours flattened out quickly after some time in a back pocket.


How to make a duct tape walletI can’t decide which is my favorite – the Angry Birds one or the Mario one.  We also made a camo one with red trim, but that one didn’t make it into the photos.  They are all so fun!  Duct tape crafting is addicting, I’m telling ya!

How to make a duct tape wallet

Be sure to check out my duct tape Pinterest board – For the Love of Duct Tape – for more duct tape crafting ideas!!

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