Feeling crafty? Here are 25 of the best Star Wars crafts to make! These are not necessarily projects for kids, but more things that adults can make for kids (or really for Star Wars fans of any age). It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but the X- Wing blanket might be the one I like best! Or maybe the R2-D2 dresser. So creative!

25 Awesome Star Wars Crafts to Make

I have organized these Star Wars crafts by DIY toys, gifts, furniture & decor, and party ideas and treats.

Looking for Star Wars crafts and activities that kids can do? You can see our kid projects here: 20+ Star Wars Crafts and Activities for Kids

Make Your Own Star Wars Toys

25 Awesome Star Wars Crafts to Make

Crochet the cutest BB8. This makes me wish I could crochet!

Another cute crochet pattern – crochet an Ewok. Love it.

You might want to check out this book for instructions on crocheting several Star Wars characters: Star Wars Crochet (affiliate link). It comes with the yarn needed to make Yoda and a Storm Trooper, but there are patterns for more characters.

Print and fold a paper BB8 from Fold Up Toys.

Make some Star Wars peg dolls from Pink and Green Mama. Fun little figures that kids will love to play with!

Download a pattern for sewing a Stuffed Chewbacca. This is so cute, and doesn’t look too difficult.

Make a Jedi outfit for an American Girl Doll.

Star Wars Gifts that Fans Will LOVE

25 Awesome Star Wars Crafts to Make

Make your own Star Wars soaps using Jell-o molds.

Got some woodworking skills? Make a Star Wars Marquee Sign!

Make the hubby this Han and Leia “I love you” shadow box. So cute.

Sew a Star Wars snuggle blanket in 30 minutes.

Crochet an X-Wing blanket – sort of like the mermaid tail blanket idea, but boys will love this one!

Turn a pair of black canvas tennis shoes into Darth Vader shoes!

Make a Boba Fett graphic t-shirt – so cool! This one uses a Silhouette Portrait to create your own iron-on decal.

Star Wars Furniture and Home Decor

25 Awesome Star Wars Projects to Make

DIY Star Wars Wall Art – Download the SVG files from the post.

Make a Tie Fighter bookshelf for a young Star Wars fan’s bedroom. Adorable!

Build an R2-D2 side table.

If you have some wood working skills, this Star Wars Fighter Shelf is pretty awesome!

Another R2-D2 idea – turn an old dresser into an R2-D2 Dresser. No instructions for this one, but lots of pictures.

Dress up the garden with Star Wars painted flower pots. These would not be hard to make!

For spring – paint some Star Wars Easter eggs. Each egg is a different character!

Star Wars Treats and Party Ideas

25 Awesome Star Wars Crafts to Make

This Storm Trooper cake is AMAZING. There’s no way I could pull that off! Maybe show the idea to your favorite baker?

How to Make Storm Trooper Marshmallows – now these are more my speed!

These Princess Leia cupcakes are adorable and very easy to make.

Find all kinds of Star Wars party printables – signs for Death Star Donuts and other snacks, invitations, and more!

Star Wars Nerf Games – these are lots of fun!

Looking for Star Wars crafts and activities that kids can do? You can find those here: 20+ Star Wars Crafts and Activities for Kids


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