Make your own adorable Baby Yoda out of Perler Beads! This is a fun craft for any Star Wars fan. We’ve also got a Mandalorian helmet pattern to make.

Who is Baby Yoda? If you’re not familiar with this super cute character, he is referred to as “The Child” on the new The Mandalorian TV series from Disney Plus. He’s totally adorable! We created a LEGO Baby Yoda, and now we’re back with a Perler bead version.

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Perler beads are such a great craft for kids, especially when you need kids to be busy indoors. All of mine, boys and girl, have enjoyed Perler beads, and they usually keep the kids busy for a long time!

If you’re just getting started with Perler Beads, I’ll share some recommended supplies below. But I’ll share the patterns first.

The mandalorian helmet is a good size for a keychain!

Here are the completed projects:

Gresham says that the mandalorian helmet actually should have had two more dark gray beads on the top row, instead of light gray. So do with that information what you wish…

Have fun crafting with Perler beads!

If you’re just getting started with Perler beads, you’ll need some beads and pegboards, as well as an iron to fuse them together. The pegboards come with the waxed paper that you’ll need to place on top of the beads before ironing.

We bought this Assorted Bead Tub, and then we have supplemented certain projects with some single-color bags.

We also have this pack of Assorted Perler Bead Pegboards. The circles are great for Christmas ornaments and snowflakes, and Janie loves to make hearts with the heart-shaped pegboards!

Here are more Perler bead projects you’ll enjoy:

Here are some Classic Star Wars Perler Bead Patterns – from the original movies.

My personal favorites are these Minion Perler Bead Patterns.

Make Perler Bead Necklaces with the cutest little charms!


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    Amazing.I made it for my family


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