Make Bluey and Bingo characters! Kids will enjoy following these easy Bluey and Bingo Perler bead patterns.

Perler beads are one of our favorite activities for kids. If you’re not familiar with Perler beads (also called melty beads, fuse beads, or Hama beads), they are small plastic beads that kids use to make designs. When the design is complete, a parent can fuse the beads with an iron to create a permanent creation.

I love the fact that Perler beads are such good fine motor practice. Kids also tend to be very calm and focused when working on Perler bead crafts, making this a fabulous activity for a bad weather day.

Bluey and Bingo Perler Bead Patterns

Even though we don’t have young kids anymore (our youngest is 9!), we enjoy watching Bluey! In fact, we recently put together a list of Top Favorite Bluey Episodes for Parents and Kids. Ha!

Yesterday, my 16 year old and I worked on creating these Perler bead patterns for Bluey and Bingo. We started by looking at various options online, and then created our own designs based on the difficulty level we wanted.

Here’s the Bluey Pattern. This one requires two pegboards.

And here’s the Bingo pattern.

How to Iron Perler Beads

Perler beads come with special waxed paper to put over the design before you iron it.

You can decide how “melty” you want your creations to be. We usually prefer for our designs to be smooth looking on the top. Other people prefer to iron them just until the beads are fused, which creates a different look with the center holes still present.

After my son built the Bingo design, I realized that I had wanted to have Bingo facing the other way. To fix that, I ironed her just a little to fuse the beads. Then I flipped it over and ironed more on the other side.

The photo below shows the “back” sides of our Bluey and Bingo designs. When you melt the beads a lot, you end up with one smooth side and one side with large holes.

Bluey and Bingo Perler Bead Patterns

Supplies Needed for Perler Beads

If you’re just getting started, this bucket of 11,000 Perler Beads ($18.99) is a great way to go. If you have several kids that will be using the beads, this bucket of 22,000 Perler Beads is a better value.

Perler beads are also available in single color bags that contain 6,000 beads. This is great for a specific project, but not the best if you are trying to build up a variety of colors.

You’ll also need pegboards. I like this 6 Pack of Perler Bead Pegboards – you get one each of the square, heart, hexagon, star, and circle shapes. This pack also comes with the paper for ironing.

Want more Perler bead ideas?

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These Perler Bead Necklaces are also tons of fun!


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